RV Patio Awning Operation Checklist

There are several types of awnings and awning manufacturers. This checklist may not cover every item as it pertains to your awning. The purpose of this checklist is to give you a basic guide to follow when opening and storing your retractable patio awning. Use only the checks that apply to your particular awning.

* Most awnings have some type of travel locks about mid way up, on both main support awning arms. These locks assist in storing the awning to the side of the RV while traveling. Release these locking mechanisms.

* Behind both main awning arms, on the support arms there will be a knob that should be hand tight. Loosen both of these knobs.

* Look up at the end of the awning roller tube on the right hand side towards the front of the RV. You will see a small lever. This lever is what locks the roller tube to the side of the RV. Take your awning rod and with the hooked end reach up and pull the lever down to release the locking lever.

* Look up, around the middle of the roller tube, and you should see a loop for the awning strap. With the hook end of your awning rod reach up and hook the loop. Pull the awning strap down until you can reach it with your hand. The awning should release and pull freely from both ends. Continue pulling down on the strap until the awning fabric and tube are fully extended.

* Now, the inner support arms, where you loosened the knobs, should slide freely to the top of the main arms and lock into place. Do this on both ends. When they are locked in place, starting on either end, take one hand and pull down on the main awning arm until the awning fabric is taught. With your other hand reach up and hand tighten the knob. Repeat this on the other end.

* On the side of each main arm you will notice a lever. Starting on either end, take one hand and put it on the front of the main arm and take the lever with your other hand. Raise the main arm up to the height you want the awning at, using the lever to help lift it. When you lower the lever it will lock into the closest adjusting hole on the arm where you release it. Repeat this on the other end.

Caution: Do not get your fingers or hands close to any moving or sliding parts.

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Copyright 2006 by Mark J. Polk, owner of RV Education 101

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