RV Pre-Trip Checks

RV Pre-Trip Checks
In this RV video, host Mark Polk with RV Education 101 demonstrates some of the RV pre-trip checks and preventive maintenance checks you should perform …

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  1. Always great tips. Thanks to you and a few other YouTube RV channels, It's all part of my checklist! I've recently decided to institute "the pass through door of fame" on my RV and I've been collecting small stickers from some of your contemporaries (I have four so far) who have all helped me get through this first season relatively unscathed. I would like very much to add your sticker to this collection. When "newbs" ask "how do you know all this stuff?" I'll just point to the sticker on the pass through door and send them your way. Thanks for the help, I hope I can I can repay you in this small way.

  2. Another thing that gets overlooked is to make sure pilot lights are out and propane is off. Traveling down the road with a burning flame using propane is dangerous for all of us on the road not just the RV. I believe it is also illegal to do in many states.

  3. Great tips Mark. Before a long trip I may even change the oil. A final walk around check touching everything was something I learned from my military days launching fighter jets. I now do it on my RV and every so often I find something I missed.

  4. I’m planning on putting together a notebook with pre check inside and out, engine check, a list of common engine parts and their part numbers, insurance info, scale wt info pre and loaded, etc. Am I being a bit OCD? Or did I forget something?


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