Is There RV Roadside Assistance?


There is an RV Road Side Assistance exclusive to all insured RVs, according to Gerald Voigt of HawkEye, “It’s peace of mind provided by an insurance company, maybe even the same one that covers your automobile. They provide you with a phone number to call wherever you are when something happens…mechanical breakdown, accident, flat tire or you simply ran out of fuel”.

Where can you call the RV Roadside Assistance?

RV Roadside Assistance

A contract dispatch service or call center.

You are then directed to the towing operator in your vicinity. When in an accident, the same call-in initiates you to the claim and refers you to the emergency medical care.

What is covered in the RV Roadside Insurance?

RV Roadside Assistance

Usually, the costs for upgraded services is additional and it is necessary to choose an affordable insurance package to keep the costs minimal.

Not all towing services have the proper equipment to facilitate assistance for every roadside emergency. Nevertheless, every insurance company has its own terms and conditions. Customize or confirm on an insurance package that suits you. If your vehicle has the insurance covered, discuss with your insurers about the RV Roadside Assistance.

Remember to keep your insurer’s number on speed dial Whenever putting your RV into motion! 

Check out this amazing clip from Motor Club Service on Emergency RV Roadside Assistance.

Take a look at their other videos here.

What are your current RV roadside emergency assistance plans? Tell us in the comments below.  😀

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