RV Roof Repair

RV Roof Repair
Replaced the roof on our 1990 Fleetwood Jamboree RV. The roof membrane and decking was replaced at a cost of just over $700. New vents and vent caps …

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  1. Just watched your video. Great job. Noticed you're in Indiana. I have two RVs that need rubber roofing installed. Was curious if you'd be interested in quoting on doing those jobs for me. I'm in Indiana also. I could do it myself but don't really have the time. Let me know directly. [email protected]gmail.com

  2. Couple months back I bought a 31ft 05 dutchmen in need of some repairs. I decided to replace the floor in the slide first, since Im still recooperating from my battle with lung cancer( Im now cancer Free), I move slow and it takes me longer to do things. I just finished up using putty tape and caulking to put all the trim back in place and called it finished, went inside to take a break and cool off, went out to admire my work only to find a big limb from a water oak had fell accross the roof of the trailer and bounced off onto the ground. It was about 6" diameter and maybe 12ft long with lots of limbs on it. Long story short, it landed on A/C whiched busted through the 1/2" decking, rolled and punched three more holes in roof and decking. Im now going to do the roof. Its covered by tarps until the material comes in.

  3. Jeepers, I just watched one like yours that cost "$1500-2000! Your way looked as good; maybe you're a better shopper, lol. I think he said he used 6 or 7 gallons of DAP water based adhesive.. I dunno, hopefully it won't be that much. Did you use laun for the deck? How many sheets? Also how did you attach the ceiling? Glue? Screws? Thanks so much for the vid; fantastic result.

  4. Thank you for sharing this video. Me and my dad bought a pop-up camper and decided to replace the roof and lift arms. We did the framing, and placed play wood in the inside and outside, placed insulation panels in between. Now, Im trying to see what’s the best way to protect the wood, using this system, paint it with kind of plastic paint or put fiberglass. This last one is kind of pricey. Where can I find the roll of plastic? Please provide me with more info about it: brand and type of it. Thank you

  5. IN your final shots of the roof there appears to be a bubble running several feet. Did the membrane delaminate or is the some kind of optical illusion?

  6. 8:01 So true, lmao….Im in Central Cal. we had more rain this year than in the past 10 years…Took the roof off, trailer parked in the sequoias, so I have to drive to the trailer to work…anyway, my roof was off when the rain started, stayed off and tarped for 6 weeks before I could go back to work…when you said this, I couldn't resist commenting. BEEN there done that, won't do it again (unless we go back to our drought). Thanks for sharing.


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