RV Slideout Lubrication: For & Against

To lubricate or not to lubricate your RV Slideouts?

Amateur RVers are often told to lubricate their RV slideouts by veteran RVers. Furthermore, some other RVers advise them not to lubricate their RV slideouts.

Here are our best arguments For & Against your confusion on RV slideout Lubrication. 🙂

RV Slide-Out Lubrication

For RV Slideout Lubrication

Without adequate maintenance, the reliable functioning of your slideouts is not possible. According to Ken Freund, Slideouts need two kinds of lubrication.

  1. Slideouts and tracks should be taken care to be lubricated with a drying product.
  2. Periodic cleaning and lubrication or resealing of the rubber of gaskets and windshield wipers should be carefully maneuvered. To keep your rubber flexible, do the lubrication treatment every two months.

Against RV Slideout Lubrication 

Some people tend to say that RV Slideout Lubrication is unnecessary as they have experienced the aftermath of drying lubrications alone. This not only keeps the slideout moist but also attracts a major portion of the dust and dirt that the road covers!
Additionally, this is why some RVers advocate that people shouldn’t lubricate their RV slideouts.

If this is your concern, get a dry product for your first RV Slideout Lubrication NOW!
Dry RV Slide-Out Sealant
RV Side-Out Lubrication

Here, check out a video on apt ways to do an  RV Slideout Lubrication from Chris Dougherty below:

Check out more of Chris’s informative videos here. Do you lubricate your slideouts? Tell us your opinions in the comments below!

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