RV Snowbird Fail! Managing Short RV Winter Camping Trips

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RV Snowbird Fail! Managing Short RV Winter Camping Trips
We’re typically RV Snowbirds. But that doesn’t mean we never visit cold climates. Here we’ll show you how we managed our RV systems to stay comfortable …

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  1. UGH! I do NOT like snow! I don't like winter. Could just survive with only summer and skip the other seasons! LOL Have always loved the sand, sun & surf. I don't know why I live where I do.

  2. Yes, balmy 70° in Buffalo, NY….oh, snow?? Haven't seen any in a few weeks now, thanks!! Oh the joys of snow, NOT!! Great video on short term snow preparedness. Just a question,… don't know where you stayed, but did the municipality or state use salt on the roadways? If yes, were you able to rinse/wash it off the rig, especially the undercarriage. Your Newmar is so pristine, this probably should be a slight consideration?… maybe. Thanks again!!
    Later, guys…Terry

  3. Have you guys had any problems with fuel Gelling. We purchased our 03 Holiday Rambler about a month ago and decided to take it out for a weekend. Not knowing what was in the fuel tank we dumped in 2 quarts of anti gel enough for 200 gals of fuel in a 100 gal tank. The temp drooped to 0 at night and the next morning when heading home it started to gel. We were able to limp it home , but we were told after that if it was bio diesel the anti gel might not have been enough

  4. Do you use the engine block heater outlet in the electrical bay to plug-in the trouble light? My rig is in storage and I cannot remember if there is another 120v outlet on that side of the coach. Is it easy to route the cord? I am preparing to do some cold weather camping next weekend so I want to be prepared. Thanks for the great videos.

  5. Antonia here…met you in Quartzsite. I am the one that only watches your videos as I can afford them. ; )
    Hey, I am here in Sioux City and decided to stay put through the blizzard that blasted through here a couple of nights ago. I think you are pretty brave to let that much snow gather on your toppers. I have always heard to bring them in for winds >25mph, but never heard about how much stress they can take from weight…is there a general rule? I always bring my slides in during cold weather to conserve heat anyways.

  6. We are in our 5th wheel in an undisclosed location in eastern Iowa this winter, INSIDE a heated building with Full Hookup. No worries about the snow, cold, or wind. THAT is my idea of RV'ing in the winter!

  7. Good stuff.

    An electric heating pad on your mattress makes a big difference. A little bit of targeted energy under the covers lets you be comfortable while the room is much cooler.

  8. Great tips!!! I've always been a little hesitant to stay in the RV during those cold winter months! Now……I'm at least considering it! LOL 🙂

  9. Another great video! Enjoyed it very much. I do have a question that you almost answered… let's say you're planning to use your on-board furnace (which activates the heated bays as well)… would you still run the light in the bay, or is your heated bay system usually good enough for most weather (like shown in the video)?

  10. Hiya John and Pete, also an idea for protecting solar from snow damage, those "Free with any purchase" wool blankets from Harbor Freight tools are nice with incoming wet snow. You can peel off and away and the snow falls without the shovel. I know you guys enjoy the exercise but I would worry about snagging a wire, or if rubber catching a corner of the shovel in the roof. After the snow is gone we donate the blankets to a shelter. Same with the windshield of the toad or slide topper..simply pry away. Great vid again!!!!!

  11. Thanks so much for this video and the one on icing issues for the jacks. We had an unexpected 14 inches of snow in Williams AZ. last night. We used the information you provided to clear snow build up today. We expect a icy night so will be sure that the jacks are free of ice before trying to leave tomorrow.

  12. Hey Guys, Long time subscriber. I cannot remember if you ever went over how to earn money while you travel. Can you do a video on how you do so? Other people who do this on YouTube post this to give their perspective. If you don't mind could you do the same please!

  13. love your channel/experience..great positive knowlege from your viewers who r.v…..as i prepare for my adventure on the road. i practice in my sticks and brick home 'till i sell it and get my r.v…thanks too all who contribute

  14. Fantastic video! I can't believe your rig is 12 years old. You practice what you preach, and it shows on your coach! You also seem to keep up to date on new products. I appreciate the fact you KEEP the ones that you use and works!  Ted & Lee Ann

  15. Good job i am spending this winter in my rv as well i figure i can go back to ghetto if i cant handle it then it becomes a question of being gunned down by a antifa sjw or freezing to death, anyway i am buying 100lbs propane tanks and have a couple of 30 lbs ers and found a place to dump my poop tank and grey water thats open 24-7 365 days all i need is some dynomite to blast the frozzen dooky tank so i can emty it or just remove chunks at a time aaaahhhh lifes good!?

  16. Thanks for the tips. You gave me an idea for a plastic shovel. I also carry a new large tarp for the roof that I might put on if it starts to snow a lot. We are heading to cold to camp soon and this gives me some more ideas.

  17. Hey do you have any issues with your slide toppers with the snow and ice? I have a 2004 Newmar Kountry Star with slide toppers and was told never to bring them in and out as they will either tear or rip off the RV when subjected to cold, ice and snow. Not sure if they are talking about a "cheaper" slide topper but mine are wrapped in a aluminum cover.. I don't think there would be an issue but I figured you guys would know!

  18. Hi Guys,I am new here to rving, and a question: why is not the propane compartment covered from the bottom, as this would let more cold air into the compartment and in turn to the floor of your motor home.

  19. How cold could this method endure? I would like to know what it would be like to live in RV full-time in a place like Edmonton, Alberta in Canada, where it may get as cold as -20 or -30 Celsius, and sometimes more. Of course I may rotate between living in an Apartment/ house/ hotel here and there, but just want to get an idea. I will most likely be living in a Class B motorhome van, made in the late 90's to early 2000's. Thanks

  20. I have been camping for decades and to all you You-tubers it is pretty easy to de-ice the doors and windows of your RV. Use Antifreeze The same as Airports Deice the Airplanes before they take off to stop Rime Icing. Get you a Pump up sprayer and Half and Half it and spray the doors access panels and any area needed to get snow and Ice from Sticking. If done right it will last a while. I have also done the Roof, Hitches etc Door Hinges and Rubber Grommets. Vaseline on door Weather Strips in extreme weather help in a good way. Get the non toxic Antifreeze and use it wisely and watch snow and Ice melt away. A simple wash Job Cleans everything up later. Truckers use this method also in Arctic Weather, Just let your Imagination, be your guide.

  21. An Electric mattress pad allows for a toaster like bed when you crawl in and allows for the inside temps to be lowered at night. Also heated rugs use very little electric and help keep the feet warm and the ambient temps down.


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