RV Steps: To Lubricate Or Not To Lubricate

Why Should you lubricate your RV Steps?
Lubricating the RV Steps keeps them fully functional. Often, RV folding-steps attain rust, corrode and become stuck when you try to operate it.
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Bob Ray says, “Another hard lesson I’ve learned about these steps is that you don’t want to be stepping on them while they’re still moving — especially if you weigh over 200 pounds. It’s easy to do. You’re driving down the road after filling the tank, for example, and you remember that you forgot to put the gas cap back on. You pull over and dash out the door, landing on the steps before they are fully extended. Or you’re lining up the RV in a campsite and need to jump out to see just how close you are to that tree and do the same thing”.  Lubricating the steps periodically and thorough is necessary to prevent corrosion. Check out our Why Lubricate Your Windshield Wipers here.

According to R Mansur,

“Make sure to lubricate once every thirty days using a lithium-based grease and spray every point”

RV Steps

Why Shouldn’t you lubricate your RV Steps?

A prominent reason RVers do not lubricate their steps and slide-outs is because it is electrical. Accorrding to Gary RV Roamer,

“a silicone-base spray lube or 303 Protectant may help keep the rubber seals soft and pliable”

Another reason not to lubricate the RV steps is if you are in constant motion or have no time to spare for a detailed lubrication. Lubricating with a liquid solvent while in motion can cause the RV steps to accumulate much dirt and dust en route!

RV Steps

When should you lubricate the entrance steps on your RV?

Periodically lubricate the steps on your RV once a month with lithium grease that dries instantaneously.

What do you think? To lubricate your RV Steps or Not?

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