RV Toilet Paper: Is there such a thing?

If you think that any brand of toilet paper will do for your RV, well think again. Because you do not only consider your convenience, but the safety of your RV tanks too. You have to go with what’s practical that is also eco-friendly.
Do not just rely on ads that says that ‘they are the best’ because you will just be disappointed. It is better to test the durability of the toilet paper yourself.

RV Toilet Paper Test:

  • Canning jar with a lid
  • One cup of room temperature water
  • Place one sheet of TP in the canning jar with the water
  • Give the jar one shake; make sure you have a lid on!
  • Let stand on the counter
  • Review the canning jar with TP every few hours, you should see significant results within 12 hours
  • Extra shaking of the jar isn’t required, remember that your RV isn’t doing a lot of shaking unless you are traveling along a very curvy road.

Results will definitely vary, and if you think that all toilet paper will dissolve easily well that is not the case. Because surprisingly, there are 3-ply TP’s that dissolves faster than 1-plys. Some RV brands of TP do not break down very well at all while others break down very quickly. Some TP brands were ‘RV Friendly’ then the manufacture changed the process and the TP becomes non ‘RV Friendly’!

Therefore, RV-Friendly Toilet Paper should:

  1. break down quickly.
  2. tendency not to stick on holding tank walls.
  3. reasonably priced.

So, try all the brands that are available out there and for sure you will find the best one that is sure to keep you company at any given situation on the road.

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What are your thoughts on RV Toilet Paper?

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