RV Travel – 3 Reasons to Do an RV Tour w/ Wander Filled Life

RVs can be an excellent way to explore the country and Grant & Bonnie from www.wanderfilledlife.com stop by from their road trip across the USA in their RV to tell us 3 (to 5) reasons why you would want to buy or rent an RV (Recreational Vehicle). They also discuss the freedom that RV travel affords you, whether you should rent or buy an RV, and some of their favorite spots across the USA to camp.
Filmed in Memphis, TN

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  1. Great video as always and it was great to hear Grant & Bonnie's advice and see how passionate they are about camping and nature 🙂 I totally agree with Jocelyn, Mark. You just have to experience travelling in a camper because there is nothing like it, honestly, It's so much fun and you'll make the most amazing memories. When I was growing up every summer we would set off in our camper and I would not change anything about those days. I have so many memories of watching the sunset in the most beautiful places and I used to love that feeling of sleeping under the stars. My parents would sleep in the camper though and me, my sister and brothers would have to sleep in tents because my dad would say 'I gotta keep you kids humble' ??? We'll be getting a camper some time soon because ever since we got married my hubby has been saying he wants us to take camping trips around America. I moved here 2 years ago so he wants to show me America in all it's beauty 🙂 We can't wait to make those new memories together. Travelling overseas is great but there are so many amazing places here in the States ???

  2. I am from Germany and we are planning a trip to the USA.. We would like to do an RV Trip even though its much more expensive.. A night at a Campground near/at Grand Canyon costs about 30$.. A Hotel at the same nationalpark would cost much more.. Even though a rental car would be much cheaper than an RV you dont need to go to Restaurants and Hotels/Motels and save up some money.. The olny thing i am a bit afraid of is driving in big cities.. But i guess we will park our RV at a Campground near the city and explore the city with puplic transportation..

  3. What's the market like for used RVs? Is it a viable option to buy a used one, use it for the summer, then sell it in the Spring at zero or little loss? Thanks.

  4. Dont go out and buy a new RV until you know what you want. Find a slightly used unit that was well cared for and have it inspected by a rv mechanic that does not sell rvs. Mobile rv repairs places are great for this. If you have a decent tow vehicle you are half way there. An rv also makes a good guest quarters for vistors. Plenty good deals out there for less than 10k. A week rental can cost you over 1k. There is no perfect type rv. I suggest a sub 26 ft trailer for the first rv.

  5. Some lightweight “teardrop”-style travel trailers are able to be told with smaller crossover SUVs and minivans. Pay attention to the towing rating of your vehicle and the dry weight of the camper you’re interested in. Dry weight is the trailer without your stuff in it. Interestingly the Ford Mustang is rated to tow 1,000 pound. That’s a proper teardrop camper. Motorcycles also can tow these campers. The “teardrop”-style are smaller travel trailers that are a lil bit heavier. They can be towed behind a Honda Odyssey (advised to modify transmission). They have a dinette sleeper, a bed, and, usually yet not always, a jackknife sleeper sofa. Perfect for a couple or a smaller 3-4 member family.

  6. Thanks Mark, this is how I'm hoping to do the States so was great to get a link to some ppl so experienced with camping in National Parks – I was wondering about permits etc

  7. While I love hotels, they can be pricey and they can sometimes let you down on expectations. RV'ing gets you out to the great outdoors and let's you appreciate nature. It's a great anxiety reliever for sure and helps kids and parents reconnect since technology is limited or eliminated altogether.

  8. A friend did RV-ing through Canada and the US every summer as a kid and it’s amazing how much you can see on the road like that! I’m more of a tenter myself, but RV-ing is a great option for some people!

  9. To fellow travelers I am not sure about other states but in Florida if you stay at any of the state parks you can volunteer a few hours per week and get a FREE camp site for that week. Also majority of state parks and quite reasonable

  10. This type of travel full time is much easier if your retired. We sold our house and have an RV.

    No school taxes, no property taxes, no HOA dues. When you’ve seen enough of one area, put it in gear and drive to another.


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