RV Travel with a Friend

Most commonly, people travel by RV with their families. It is often a young couple and their kids getting out to see the country, or a retired couple going on long trips after the kids have grown and moved out. However, family vacations are certainly not the only reason to fire up the RV. You can just as easily use your RV to travel with friends. Whether you are going on a hunting/fishing trip, or you just wish to get away with some good buddies, your RV can allow you to make great memories.

Traveling in Your RV with Friends Can Be a Great Experience
Traveling in Your RV with Friends Can Be a Great Experience

However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when traveling with those outside of your family. Since you aren’t used to living together, like you are with your spouse and kids, you will need to plan ahead and possibly make a few adjustments in order to keep everyone comfortable. Use the following tips to make your RV travel with friends as enjoyable as possible.

Settle Sleeping Arrangements Early

Most RV’s are designed with families in mind – that is to say that there is a space for mom and dad to sleep, along with bunk beds or some other solution for the kids. Obviously, that setup may be less than ideal for you and your friends. Before you head out on your trip, make sure to figure out exactly where everyone is going to sleep. If there isn’t enough space inside the RV for everyone to be comfortable, you could consider taking a long a tent for one or two people to use outside the RV.

Agree on an Itinerary

Traveling with friends is different than traveling with your children, because you are obviously the decision maker when it’s just you and the kids. However, your friends should be viewed as equals, so no one is really ‘in charge’ of the trip. Before you leave, plan out a detailed itinerary so you can all agree on how your time will be spent. You don’t want to have a conflict arise halfway through the trip over what you should be doing and when you should do it, so carefully plan the schedule before you go.

Split the Expenses

Money is another issue that could lead to a disagreement between friends. Figure out how much the trip is going to cost, and find a way to split the expenses evenly throughout the journey. By planning out who will pay for gas, food, etc., you can avoid awkward discussions in the middle of your vacation.

Traveling with friends in your RV should be an enjoyable and memorable experience – as long as you work out a few important details ahead of time. Take care of the basic points above while you are planning your trip and you should be able to look forward to a relaxing getaway in your RV. Hopefully, you and your friends will have so much fun that you will already be planning the next adventure before you even return back home.



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