5 Things RV Veterans Wish They Knew Before RVing

According to Jerry and Cynthia, of the many things that RVing enlightened them with, there are certain revelations, which are inevitable to any amateur RVer.

Here’s our top five things RV Vetarans wish they before buying their own RV.

  1. Driving an RV is not like driving a Car: Whatever the GPS guarantees you, RVing is a slow drive. When you are on a slow lane, try not to hurry and enjoy the scenery.
  2. ‘Stuff’ that you don’t need:- A common mistake of most RV Veterans, the first RV Packing is  filled half with waste. According to Jerry, having 8 pairs of clothes so that laundry can be done once a week, might seem like a brilliant idea now, but it is the most popular mistake of all RV Veterans too!
  3. However messy you are, you will soon be uber clean: An RVer cannot afford to be messy. Even a little speck of food left unclean can bring an wild mice infestation!
  4. Repairing will be an everyday Routine whatever super-RV you have:  When you are in a decade old rig, every day there will be a bulb to change, a water leak to fix or an ant hill to burn! Moreover, this is how an RVer becomes a Do It Yourself-er too!
  5. Working on the road is not Flexible as much your imagination says: People think that once on the road, it’s a long stretch of leisure. However, RVing is perpetually, expecting the unexpected, and hence is not even close to a ‘flexible’ schedule!

Check out a video by RVer Chris on things he wish he’d known before RVing. 

Tell us the top five things that you wish you knew before plunging into RVing!

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