RV Water Heater Maintenance

RV Water Heater Maintenance
rvwaterheater #rvmaintenance #camperwaterheater There are a number of maintenance tasks that should be performed yearly on your camper. RV water heater …

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  1. I believe the Teflon tape should be put on in the other direction to keep it from binding up as you thread the rod in. Thank you for all your videos. Keep them coming.

  2. The tank would drain faster if the how water tap was open inside the camper. Also the anode rod isn’t necessary most of the time because the majority of campgrounds don’t soften the water. Water coming from the ground is encrusting and that is where the calcium build up is coming from, the anode helps only if a person has soften water or a RO unit that makes the water corrosive

  3. Hello Jerry, Just so your viewers don't get too confused not all water heaters us an Anode Rod. Atwood water heaters have aluminum tanks so no Anode Rod is needed, not a steel tank like Suburban's and of course tankless do not use them as well. BTW Atwood is no longer, Dometic​ is now the parent company which is all under the Dometic name. Safe Travels!

  4. QUICK QUESTION UNRELATED TO WATER HEATERS (since you're an expert on repairs): After 9,000 miles in our RV, often over rough roads (California freeways are the worst), we find that we have some screws stripping out on our cabinet hinges and catches. There's nothing wrong with the screw; rather it's that the jostling has pulled it out of the wood frame so that it no longer grips. We can't use a fatter screw and don't want to risk a longer screw. Could we use something like white glue in the threads to get it to hold? What do you suggest?

  5. Hi Jerry great video on suburban WH maintenance. If you have an electric heating element you would benefit from giving the WH a vinegar soak once a year. If you do a vinegar soak use a plastic plug instead of anode rod while soaking in vinegar. Thumbs up.

  6. Great diy maintenance. Rvgeeks gas a video where they put a camera in there after flushing it out and was not happy with what they saw. So they used vinegar and water to flush it out and man what a difference. A bit more time consuming though.

  7. Great advice on maintenance for your hot water heater. If I might add a little tip… My grandpaw showed me a trick by placing a napkin at the end of the socket used on the ratchet. Simply push your Anode Rod into napkin then into the socket and this keeps the Rod straight upon entering the threaded area of the hot water tank. Cause if you've noticed sometimes the weight of the Anode Rod keeps you from being able to start the threads. From a counterbalance theory…. Thanks again for your videos Jerry. As always blessings to you and your family!

  8. Thanks for sharing Jerry. This is very helpful. BTW I love your name but I’m a bit biased since we both share first names! I’ve just recently subscribed to your videos and am very new to RV life. I’ve already got an issue with my 2018 water heater refusing to light now when I try and turn on the gas. Do you have any past videos on proper operation of Suburban water heaters? Yes we share the same water heater as well. I must be doing something wrong and my orientation on the used unit I bought from Camping World didn’t help me much. If you have a chance I’d love to hear from you or other followers that are familiar with the same water heater. Thanks for your videos!


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