RV Water Pump Troubleshooting

RV Water Pump Troubleshooting
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  • Noticed the the pump in my RV was pretty loud. Ended up Moving it so none of the hoses we touching anything. Also the subfloor had a secondary floor I relocated it on with a little bit of carpet on it. Made a huge difference in the noise.

  • Hey great vid thank you…I have a 8000 543 238 on a sprayer…it makes noise often..also it leaks from the diaphragm housing side on the bottom right next to where the wires pass…but not when under pressure and not when its running but only when I'm driving…idk

  • Best: make the water pump area water proof with a 1/2" drain and/or an alarm with an auto-switch that disrupts the power to the pump when the alarm goes off. A free-standing alarm wouldn't help if you leave the RV and forget to turn off the pump power.

  • I'm currently located in the Northeast area. Last few days night time temps have dropped to freezing and I noticed water dripping from the wet bay. There was water dripping from the pump switch area. Could it be the screws need to be tightened? I have a heated wet bay and the heating unit was on. FYI: I have full hook up Thanks

  • Thank you very much for the video.  The problem I am having is that the switch does not turn the pump off and the pump runs when I draw city water or use my fresh water tank, I replaced the switch but it did not fix the problem

  • Thank you very much for the video that explains all about the pump mechanism. Once again, it makes life easier when someone explain using plain language and common sense. Kudo Jim!

  • The last time I used my camper (last fall), I hooked up to city water, and my fresh water tank was empty. In the morning, water was leaking out of my tank fill inlet (it's a gravity fill tank), so I turned off the city water and turned on the pump. The pump ran constantly (so it has power), but no water came out…..which tells me (I believe) the check valve is probably bad?

    Is there a way to fix that, or should I just install a new pump?

  • I want to repair the pump for a standby unit. I replaced with a 4008 series. Want a spare for boat or rv as they are alike. 2088 pump Assam are only 10bucks shy of new unit. Are small parts available!

  • I have the shurflo 2088-544-144, it was mounted vertically with the pressure switch up, in a position where I could not surmise the origin of the water leak. The pump pumped fine but cycled continuously every minute or so. Checked all faucets then crawled into storage bay finding wet floor in it. Water was running from top of pump assembly. But as mentioned could not get my big head in to find source of leak. Since pump was working I'm suspect of the weep hole in the switch. Perhaps water bypasses the switch diaphragm? I can't find the part with out buying the replacement pump. Only need the diaphragm I think. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  • The pump in my RV is mounted with the pressure switch at the bottom. The pump being mounted vertically. It has been cycling lately, so I checked and found a bit of oil or such on the line beneath it and on an item in the bay. No water is noted in any of the accessible spots. If oil gets on the pressure switch, can it cause the cycling problem?

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the video! I just brought a new set of Shurflo junior 2.0(12volt) to replace the previous one I had because of low pressure. Unfortunately, its not pumping well. Kindly advise me on what to do.

  • Hi Jim!
    I'm getting hot water out of my sink for just about 30 sec's. I have all 4 valves open. The RV is 2017 Heartland Mallard. Im new at all this. How do I get the hot water to stay? lol Do I have to turn the water pump on? If so, how?

  • I worried about frozen lines during a 5 day bout of 20ish degree weather – live in my 94 fleetwood as homeless person. Water stopped flowing on fourth day, pump not cycling. Opened faucets & recycled e panel switch no results; panel light on. Poked around in pump compartment looking for clues and found nothing amiss. I heat via space heaters rather than furnace saving propane for power outages, and i don't use the bedroom where the main tank and pump compartments are, and so they are at about 40 degrees. I put a space heater in there and once set up, went to make sure the e panel was on, but I had cycled it off, so I turned it on and suddenly the water flowed and was functional the rest of the day. The heater had not been on even 60 seconds, so it was not a factor, but i left the heater on, anyway and got it up to 80 for about a half day.

    Then it stopped flowing/pumping once more. Endless recycle as before, no fix. So I'm thinking some kind of one-time intermittent problem. Ran the furnace a full day and night, no change. I don't have access to volt meters, but the light is on. Fuse appears good. see no filter on the pump. Does this sound like frozen pipes or something else, given that one intermittent operation? Weather will be in high 30s-high 40s for a few days and then a long cold spell, so I need to try address it this week, or do without water feed long-term. It's just above freezing right now, and touching the pipes, they do not feel ice cold to me.

    I'm old, handicapped (can't wear socks or shoes so being out in the snow for any length of time is difficult), have no phone, transportation, am in the country, but have full hookups provided to me. Think I can replace the pump but can't afford to do so and find that's not the problem, living on $400 a month. Rig has only 10,000 miles on engine, 3,000 hrs. on Generator, has been reliable for three years now, for me. Thank you very much.