RVers: Stick around and join the Club

As the RVing population keeps on increasing, more clubs and organizations are piling up too. RVing clubs? Yes! They offer member discounts and tons of benefits that will surely assist you in whatever you may need every time you travel. But of course, RVers are not supposed to just join clubs because of their inviting advertisements and promos. So, what RVing clubs should you join? Here are some clubs that according to geekyexplorers.com are the best clubs RVers should be a member of:

– They have special parks for their members, lots of niche groups and seminars. Escapee members will find help with every aspect of RV’ing; from how to receive your mail, generating income on the road, finding reputable RV services, and locating places to park.

PASSPORT AMERICA – This club bills itself as the original 50% discount camping club. Over 1900 campgrounds across the US, Canada, and Mexico are currently participating in the Passport America Program, with new parks joining daily. Although our concept has often been imitated Passport America is still the best value, lowest price, and the World’s Largest network of Quality Campgrounds of its kind.

RVing Clubs

HAPPY CAMPER CLUB – Happy Camper is a discount club for RVers and campers of all types. As a member, you can stay at over 1,200 quality RV parks on a full hook-up site for up to half price; and unlike other memberships, it requires no contracts, no home parks, and no point systems.

FMCA – Motorhomes combine traditional amenities with state-of-the-art entertainment and communications technology. Today’s motor coaches offer more comforts and conveniences than ever before. Features — standards and options — vary by manufacturer and model.

CAMPCLUB USA – This site has a mapping function that lists the potential campgrounds that are associated with the club on a route (of course, this provides the direct freeway route, but at least it helps with where the campgrounds are located in relation to your general direction)

GOOD SAM RV CLUB – The world’s largest organization of recreational vehicle (RV) owners, the Good Sam Club is committed to making RVing a safer and more rewarding experience for its 1.5 million members. Founded in 1966 by Trail-R-News, a small California RV magazine, Club members originally promised to help fellow travelers on America’s highways.

These are just some of the best RVing clubs that haven proven their worth and credibility. There are more clubs out there to choose from, you just have to choose wisely.

Are there any other RVing Clubs you would recommend?

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