RVing Grand Canyon Arizona

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RVing Grand Canyon Arizona
Join the Average Campers on our longest RV trip to date….Florida to Arizona!

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  1. I was there over 30 years ago – the south rim. My take was that it didn't look real, but like a painting. I guess two dimensional since looking over the horizon it is rather flat. I think to experience it you really have to go down into it. I plan on doing that someday. Fantastic video!

  2. Thank you for a comprehensive and informative video. Can you also do a video on what is the best way to visit the canyon, the accommodations, camp grounds, RV parks, or hotels and prices? And what are the hours you can enter the park?

  3. I may have missed this information, but what time of year were you there? The summer crowds would be nice to avoid. Can you recommend a good time to avoid the crowds but also avoid extremely cold weather? Thank you for posting this beautiful and informative video.

  4. Hey y'all! Hope all is well over in Florida! Today we started talking about taking another RV trip out to California (maybe next summer). This time the Grand Canyon is definitely on our list of must stops! When we opened YouTube tonight, it read our mind and suggested that we watch this video again. 🙂 We remember this was the trip when y'all took your son to school in AZ. Did you camp near the Grand Canyon? – Tom & Stacie

  5. this is one of my favourite places I the world… when I lived over in AZ I went here every opportunity I had.. memories.. thanks for sharing this… I cried when I first saw the view at the canyon… tears of deep emotion of joy and awe… my friends said 'its only a big hole in the ground'..  I was amazed at that statement… they didn't appreciate the splendour of such a place…

  6. Thanks for sharing! So beautiful. we cannot wait to visit this summer! Just subscribed to your channel and would love for you to follow us on our travels! We are heading out west starting in the end of March in our RV! Currently soaking up the sunshine in Florida.


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