RVing to Hermosillo, Mexico

Historically known as Pitic, Hermosillo is a beautiful city, located in the Sonoran desert of Mexico. Hermosillo has a hot desert climate and RVers must consider bonus water tankers when RVing through Hermosillo. With umpteen options of stargazing, biking and even water camping options available, RVing to Hermosillo has many attractions and activities to indulge in.

Stew Olson shares his adventure of RVing to Hermosillo Mexico

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Plaza Zaragoza

Built as early as in 1865, Plaza Zaragoza also hosts many festivals and events perfect for RVers. A visit to the history of Plaza Zargoza will tell you that the Plaza was built with the stones from  Cerro de la Campana mountain.

The Museo de Sonora (Museum of Sonora)

Built as a prison by the smartest prisoners, Museum of Sonora began functioning in 1907 until 1979.  The 18 rooms in the museum display paleontology, history, archeology and ethnography.

The Cerro de la Campana mountain

Located in Bella Vista, the Cerro de la Campana mountain is the symbol of Hermosillo. With a summit of 360m, the mountain provides perfect hiking trails for adventurous RVers.

Having over 7 campgrounds for RVers, RVing in Hermosillo is peaceful and tranquil. These campgrounds are El Chalate, Campito Del Rii, Donde Da Miedo, El Chanate, Happy Ranch,4ta Zona Militar and Terreno Clau.  Have you ever gone RVing to Hermosillo?

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