RVing in Amarillo

According to Stew Olson, RVing in Amarillo is unique because ‘you can drive the whole day without entering another state’.

This is what RVing to Amarillo looks like from the road.

Sightseeing while RVing in Amarillo
Sightseeing at the Cadillac Ranch while RVing in Amarillo

Check out the below clip hosted by Stew Olson, with a detailed footage of RVing into Amarillo.

For more videos from Stew Olson, click here.

Some places to see while RVing to Amarillo are:

  • Palo Duro
  • Midpoint of Route 66 
  • Route 66 Cadillac Ranch
  • Paved Brick Roads of Amarillo
    RVing in Amarillo

Have you gone RVing to Amarillo? Tell us in the comments below. 😀

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