RVing in Maine

Popularly known as the Vacationland, this easternmost state of America is one of the finest holiday spots in the whole world. For an RVer, RVing in Maine is a must-do!

RVing in Maine


According to Camping Tourist,

“For families that take their vacation in an RV, Maine has a lot to offer, there are various parts to the region and each has something different for visitors to discover”.

What to do when RVing in Maine? 
  • Ocean Front Camping At Atlantic Ocean: The best attraction about RVing in Maine is the beach front Camping. Click here to see how it feels to camp at the Atlantic Ocean for an RVer.
    RVing in Maine
  • Berwick: Situated just beside the beautiful Salmon Falls, Berwick offers many entertainment activities for RVers like Fishing and Kayaking.
  • Fresh Sea Food is available at all times in and around Maine. So, if you’re a seafood fanatic, Maine is the place for an RVer like you!
  • Moose River: An 83-mile long river in Maine, this is a primary attraction for many RVers owing to its surrounding sceneries.

Here is a video on RVing in Maine from John DiPietro 😀 

To watch more videos from John, click here.

Maine has many attractions and opportunities for an RVer and has scores of RV campgrounds all around. If you’re planning on go RVing in Maine, make sure to prepare an appropriate itinerary beforehand.

Have you gone RVing into Maine? Tell us in the comments below 😀

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