Why Is Now The Best Time For RVing In South Padre Islands?

The perfect winter destination, South Padre is busy with RVers from all over the world, in January and February. Even for people without an RV, South Padre is a chosen location to RV.

According to Campground programmes at KOA, RVing in South Padre Islands is at its best in winter.


“With the sun overhead and the warm sand underfoot, South Padre is the perfect place for an island get-away!”

RVing in South Padre

So, plan your itinerary steadfast, to book yourself an amazing RV trip. All festive occasions are packed with potluck feast and other merry camping itineraries exclsuively for RVers!

Here’s how the entrance to South Padre island looks like:


It is encircled by tropical islands of Laguna Madre Bay and the waters of Gulf of Mexico … 🙂


The beaches of South Padre are well acclaimed for  their strange serenity and beauty. 😀 


Island is exclusively well-stacked with many RVer entertainment like dolphin watching, horse-riding and many more.

Crystal Koutz says,

It is here, on the beaches of Texas, that you will find an RV park that will nurture your adventurous spirit and support your active lifestyle“. :mrgreen:

Murphys Law fishing boat, Port Isabel, South Padre Island, Texas

Check out this clip on a complete sunset Tour at South Padre Island from Claude Pageau. 

More informative videos from Claude are here.

Have you ever gone RVing in South Padre?

What are your favorite RV campgrounds when RVing in South Padre? Tell us all about your experiences in the comments below.


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