RVing Canada’s Highest Peak And Yukon

Why Should You RV in the Yukon?

Yukon has Canada’s Highest peak – Mount Logan, which is a challenge that every RVer dreams of. It looks like this …

Climbing Mount Logan is surely for extreme RVers bucket list :mrgreen:

Apart from Mt Logan, there are endless other destination for RVers.

According to GoRVing,

“It’s the size of California with the population of one square Mile in Manhattan, meaning there’s a vast amount of space. Close to 80% of the land is pristine wilderness, promising iconic scenery, abundant wildlife and solitude”.

Our other favorite RV destinations around Mount Logan are:

  • Tombstone Valley, Dempster Highway

  • Klondike Loop Valley

  • Grey Mountain, Whitehorse

  • Watson Lake Signpost


Watson River Hiking 

Here, take a look at the Natalie Boulanger’s One month Long RV Vacation with her family on a Yukon-Alaska RV trip

Check out more videos from Natalie here.

Have you gone RVing to Mount Logan? Tell us in the comments below. Check out government campgrounds for RVers in this Canadian haven, here 😀

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