RVing the Mississippi River In Vicksberg

An ideal start for a summer drive, Vicksberg was termed ‘The Key to the South’ even by President Lincoln.

RVing Mississippi River

According to Kelly O’Mara, RVing Mississippi River in Vicksberg is perfect. She says, “

“It’s an ideal spot for a summer drive and for enjoying a night under the stars. There are a half-dozen RV parks in the area, so you have your choice”

Why go RVing at the Mississippi River in  Vickberg?

  • This is how Mississippi River looks like from Vicksberg bridge
    RVing Mississippi River
  • This is a grand view of the Mississippi River
  • This is how the Mississippi river looks in fall 😀
    Mississippi River in Fall
  • Mississippi River at Lake Itasca

    Lake Itasca at Mississippi

Where to go when at the Mississippi River in Vicksberg?

  • Natchez: Located in the lower Mississippi Valley with astounding river views and delicious seafood, Natchez is a place not to miss when you RV in Vicksberg or Mississippi. Check out beautiful this Emerald Mound on Natchez.
  • National Military Park:
    According to Eric Highland, National Military park in Vicksberg is astounding. He says, “It’s extremely difficult for me to believe that it consumed 2,000 lbs of coal every hour to operate! Where did they store all of it? Even crazier is the fact that only 4 of the crew members were recorded to be on coal-shoveling duty, a constant task. I’m pretty sure I read that two worked at a time…if that’s true, how many hours did they shovel every day?”
    National Millitary Park

Have you gone RVing Mississippi River? Tell us in the comments below 😀

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