RVing Newbie? Here Are Some Tips For You

Excited to hit the road in your RV? We can’t blame you, RVing is a great way of exploring this country. Don’t know where to start? Here are some tips for those of you new to RVing.

RVing Rookie

As quoted from Rand McNally:

When you purchase a new RV, the first thing you need to understand is this: it’s not the same as buying a car—you’re pretty much guaranteed to have some issues. Your new RV comes with a limited warranty, so your first goal is to locate problems for repair before you have to pay out of your own pocket. To save extra trips to the repair shop—and maybe some cash, as well—we’ve compiled this list of shakedown tips based on our experiences as new RVers.

#1: Check Out All the Doors

It’s not a bad idea to begin with the basics. Make sure all the exterior bay doors and interior cabinet doors open, close, lock, and are aligned properly. Open and close all the doors multiple times throughout your trip, especially after leveling your RV at a campsite. It’s almost a given that some of your latches will need replacement and/or adjustment after your first trip.

#2: Try Out Your Slide Out

Throughout the day, push out and pull in the slide, listening for squeaks, cracks, pops, and general odd sounds. Also, watch for alignment issues such as one side moving faster than the other. Both of our RV’s had issues with the slide straight from the factory.

#3: Inspect Your Awnings

Open and close your awnings several times. If you have a European-style awning (i.e., a type typically installed on a Class A RV, with lateral arms and a “rain shed” spring in its arms but without large vertical bracing arms), leave it out during a light rain to confirm that water rolls off the fabric.  If you have a standard-style awning (a manual type typically installed on a trailer or Class C RV and which has large vertical bracing arms), make sure you keep one side of it slightly lower to create a pitch for rainwater fall-off. If it’s windy, and your awning is equipped with an auto-retract, make sure it works as advertised. Just be sure never to leave the awning open unless you are there to supervise

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Reserve America Also Has some Tips For You:

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Hopefully these tips will help you as a new RVer. Let us know if you have any other tips in the comments below.

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