rusty78609…A checklist can be very useful. I misspoke in this video…add 1/4 cup detergent to grey & blackwater tanks…not freshwater…sorry…getting older! A LINK TO AMAZON PRODUCTS: https://amzn.to/2NpcfEb thank you for using the AMAZON LINK!!!

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  1. I was driving up TX 29 today – 7/5….know where Kingsland is….was gonna some try to find you but I realized that the ole SOB is on the road ….doing road videos around the CenTex area…….so I just headed on to Iraan for the night.  When you head out to Big Bend…….you got my place anytime you want it in Big Bend Valley  1 mile North of VFW on TX 118.  Safe travels R#s

  2. Surprised that you're planning another trip so soon, although not too surprised with 100+ temperatures lurking about. It was great that you used your home base time wisely and got everything in order. As for the detergent in fresh water tank blooper I'd have to believe everyone knew what you meant and if they didn't they should wash their mouth out with soap. 😉

  3. So glad it all is working out and great review!!! Roofing, roadwork, construction have to be some of the very worst possible jobs in the heat…almost as bad as a chain gang on a hot highway or the other extreme Siberia like place. Sounds like you will maybe just take your RV too..enjoy the whole enchilada..whatever you do..Superb.

  4. hey rusty, good morning! its wednesday 07.00 am (sunny, 75f) and i wish you and all "rusty-rangers" a happy 4th july over there in the states. greetings from ……… germany

  5. Rusty a few years ago I put my birthday, 12-24-49 into Google Search. Up pops an obituary for Wallace "Wally' Fenlason. Wally was born in Caribou, Maine Christmas Eve 1949 same as me, but I was born in New Jersey and grew up in California. He moved to Bangor, Maine in his teens and got married and raised a family. His pride and joy was a John Deere tractor as old as he was, in winter he'd be out on it late at night, grooming the snowmobile runs. On the 4th of July 2013 he was driving his bright green tractor in the Bangor Independence Day parade, with a pole attached flying a big American flag. Up ahead there was a report of shots fired on the parade route. The police re-routed the parade down a side street. An old fire truck behind him lost it's brakes as it made the turn, it ran into Wally's tractor, knocked it on it's side, killing him, the American flag lying out on the pavement. Wally was born on Christmas Eve, and he died on the 4th of July.

  6. Lots of good info Rusty. My wife and I will be getting on the road for our RV trip this year next week. Long trip from N.J. to Florida. Looking forward to it.

    I'll be sure to put some of your check list items when I get the RV out of storage

  7. It's also a good idea to unplug some of your major appliances before going on vacation for any length of time. Not sure if this is relevant to what your saying. I just have to leave a comment or thumbs up ? on all your videos.

  8. Welcome, to all new Subs and Rusty's Rangers. Let's go for a drive with episode 288 with the Honorable, Grandmaster, Legendary, World Renowned Drive Time with the man, the myth, the legend the one the only your "Man in Central Texas" Sergeant Major of all Rusty's Rangers ??☕️

  9. The rest of this week temp will run 104-110 with a heat index of 115 or higher. Those are extremely serious temps that no one, especially us seniors, need to be in. Stay under that carport for more than a while! Mist on!!

  10. We're expecting temperatures of 107-110 Thursday and Friday. We're in the Valley area of Los Angeles and we get hot here. At least we don't get high humidity too often. Air conditioning, fans, water – lots of water – 3 to 4 quarts!

  11. Rusty, fast forward your video to 5:20. Did you say that detergent and a gallon of water should be added to the fresh water tank and the gray water tank? Also, when you rinse out the hose after dumping your black tank, where does that water come from?


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