RVing to Road’s End, Key West Lower Keys, Florida

For RVers, the Road is always endless. 🙂

That is why, RVing at Road’s End in Florida- At Key West is surely a bucket list destination for most RVers

Key West

Being the best tropical hideaway, for Bob Rountree, a veteran RVer, RVing at Road’s End in Key West in 70’s were the ‘clandestine days’. Today, if you park along the road, the authorities will not only stare at you, but also handcuff you as well! 😮

He elaborates,

“When I first moved to Florida way back in the ’70s, we would camp in the woods across from Smathers Beach in Key West.  In fact, it wasn’t difficult to find places to pitch a tent or roll out a sleeping bag anywhere in the Keys.  “The authorities” would usually look the other way, unless you looked like trouble. Alas, times have changed, and so we go with the times”.

The Road to Road’s End … 😮

RVing at Road's End

This is an amazing sunset at Key West


As there is no camping in Key West, the only option for an RVer is to choose the right RV park that is accommodating. Nevertheless, this renowned island of Florida Keys has some stellar attractions like RV Beach Camp. Some of our favorite places to go around the Lower Keys are:

  • Long Key State Park:
    With a shallow 100 Yard beach, kayaking is ideal here. Look at the amazing spiraling roads 😮

  • Bahia Honda State Park:
    An award winning beach of Florida, Bahia Honda is 2.5 miles long. Additionally, Dr. Beach in 1992 called the beach ““a piece of the Caribbean”. 
    Bahia Honda rial bridge

  • John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park:
    Ideal for snorkeling, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park also has two beaches- Cannon beach and Far Beach. 

  • Curry Hamock State Park:
    The best beach for kayakers, Curry Hammock State Park has a beautiful mangrove trail that goes behind the island. 
    curry hammock state park

  • Beach Resorts at Marathon, Florida Keys:
    Good Luck Researching! Here’s a place to start. 

  • Fort Zachary:
    Special For Zachary Tour Clip

Zachary Fort

A clip from RVer Panda Monium on a For Zachary Tour after boondocking and waking up in Key West.

Check out more videos from Panda Monium here.

Have you gone RVing to Key West? Tell us in the comments below :D.

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