Where To Go RVing This Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day

Valentines day is just around the corner. As an RVer, what are your plans? 

What if we say, Paris is not a cliche but can be the epitome of romance this Valentine’s too, but with a minor addition. It’s more like RVing the Valentines’s Day in Paris? :mrgreen:

According to Jennifer Cox of The Mail,

“Forget crowded hotels! The best way to experience the beauty of France is in a ‘beast’ (RV)”.

Furthermore, RVing can be beautiful, memorable and romantic for the coming Valentine’s Day. 

Valentine's Day

Brood about RVing in World’s best romantic destination- Paris, this Valentine’s day and check out this amazing video of RVing in Paris State Mountain Park, from Joshua Angel. 

You can find more of the YouTube user’s amazing collection of videos here. Tell us about your RVing plans for Feb 14 in the comments below! 😀



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