RVing with Children…. What You Must Know First

RV buyers tend to fit into two general categories – those who are about to retire and want to travel the country, and those who are just getting started with a family of their own. Kids tend to love RV travel, as it feels like an adventure that they get to take to a number of new and interesting places. If you have kids and would like them to develop an appreciation for the outdoors, becoming an RV owner is a great idea.

Of course, as is always the case, there are rewards and there are challenges when dealing with kids. You have to be well-prepared in order to make the most of an RV vacation with your children, and you have to think about their needs when purchasing the rig to begin with. The tips that follow should help you make many great memories along the way in your family RV.

They Need Their Space

It should go without saying that your kids are going to need a space of their own where they can sleep in the RV. However, in addition to having sleeping quarters, it is helpful if they have a space they can call their own during the trip – even if they have to share it with their siblings. Most kids enjoy having a room of their own at home, and this is the same concept. They can keep their toys in this area, and they can head there while you are doing some of the adult tasks that come along with running an RV. As you pick out your RV, think about this requirement and make sure the kids will have somewhere to go.

Break the Drive into Short Stretches

You already know that kids don’t necessarily do well when riding in a vehicle for hours on end. So does that mean you have to limit your vacations to only destinations within a short drive of your home? No – you just have to be smart about how you plan your time on the road. If you can extend your vacation, consider adding a couple of nights on the road so the kids are able to have fun each day rather than just riding along. Alternatively, you could break up a long day of driving with a fun stop to enjoy an outdoor activity for an hour. The key here is planning – know when and where you will be able to break up the drive, and tell your kids so they have something to look forward to while on the road.

Give Them Tasks

Believe it or not, most kids actually take quite well to being given jobs while on a trip. As you are completing all of the necessary tasks to get your RV set up, find ways for your kids to help you. Of course, these should be safe things for them to do, and you should always be supervising. When they feel some sense of pride and ownership in the process, they will become that much more invested in your vacations.

Some of the best times you are going to have as a family will be enjoyed in your RV. As long as you plan ahead, think about the kids when buying an RV, and involve them in the process, you will find that children and RV travel are a natural fit.

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