Dogs love RV Life. They get to be with you even more while discovering new things to sniff. Yet there are some things to consider when taking your pup with you on the road. We broke down RVing with dogs into 5 topics. For time stamps of each topic, see below.


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3:05 Should you take your dog RVing?
6:50 How to make your RV pet compatible
7:00 Traveling in warm climates
11:07 Senior dogs
12:55 How to find pet friendly places
14:00 Crossing border
16:00 Tips & Suggestions
17:00 How to find a dog sitter

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  • Regarding my comment about service dogs… Yeah, that didn't come out right 🙂 We are not suggesting to register your dog as a service dog if they are really not. Service dogs are an invaluable tool to people with disabilities or medical conditions and shouldn't be abused. We regret not providing more information about service dogs in this video!

  • a caution on registering your dog as a service dog . . . REAL service dogs have required training for bona fide needs. When you just say that your dog is a service dog for your personal convenience, you do a real disservice to those with valid medical/psychological reasons for that need. Kind of spoiling the water for those who really need to swim! So please. Don't just do that.

  • And another thing, regarding Vets in our destination areas….we get hard copies of the dogs paperwork such as all their shots and medical history, so if we have to see another Vet, we can just hand them medical records. Plus, we ask our local vet if they need certain shots before we travel to certain states just in case. Some areas need more vaccination shots than other areas.

  • We have two dogs and just upgraded to our second camper. While they're used to being in a camper, we still driveway camped. Not only to learn more about our new camper, but did it for the dogs so they can get used to the new space since it's bigger and roomier inside. So, my recommendation is, if you're upgrading to a bigger camper or downsizing, camp in your driveway if possible for a night or two to let your dogs get used to the new space. Even if they're already used to the overall lifestyle.

  • Trish's hair looks A MA Zing! In this video!
    When we had a dog we loved being able to take vacations in our RV, because we didn't have to find someone to take care of her while we were gone. She definantly enjoyed coming with us! Completely agree to take your dog RVing!

  • I'm leaving for a three day road trip to Perce Quebec (Canada) this Thursday (Sept. 7, 2018), just me and my 6 year old Chihuahua, no RV, just a car. He's a perfect travel companion; we've been to the top of Mount Washington, Bar Harbor ME, through Boston to Cape Cod, etc. It always amazes me how pet friendly travel locations have become such as motels, outdoor restaurants, beaches, and US Customs Officers who give out dog treats. Summer heat, and my dog's comfort and safety is always my concern; I'll do things such as eating in the car so I can run the air conditioner for my dog, my own bathroom stops are taken care of insanely fast, and we always stay together… Where pets aren't allowed, I don't go either. This probably sounds like too much trouble for some people but, for my dog and I, it's a non-issue. I never leave my travel buddy behind. Safe travels.

  • We found that our American Staffordshire Terrier mix (pit bull mix), along with German Shepards, Rottweillers, Dobermans, and some other breeds are not welcomed in all RV parks even if they advertise as pet friendly. It is good to call ahead to make sure.

  • Another option for when the power goes out, a/c or fan stops working, that may be a little bit more affordable and notifies you as the temperature is rising, is the PuppComm. Even if just for a few minutes, temperatures can escalate fast, as you both know. I work at a company called PuppTech and we are creating the PuppComm. The PuppComm is a new portable dog monitoring device that is available to purchase through our Indiegogo campaign. It has wifi and nationwide cellular (North America) capabilities that will monitor the temperatures and send you alerts on your smartphone, so you can know that your pups are always safe! Feel free to check it out at pupptech.com and it is available on Indiegogo here: https://igg.me/at/puppcomm

  • I enjoyed this episode. I am very glad you clarified the service dog issue. It's too bad you cannot edit YouTube videos to remove that statement. My only other issue is the bit about shaving the Golden which, although many people do it, is NOT recommended as Golden Retrievers are a double coated dog and the two coats keep them cool as well as warm. I thought this was a VERY useful episode especially for a RV newbie wannabe who refuses to leave her kids behind. 🙂 Thank you.

  • My wife and I travel with our dog and we too turn on the TV as well as run the A/C fan constant then the compressor will kick on to cool as needed when we leave him in the RV alone. Also we do bring his bed and chew bone he likes to chew one.

  • Love your videos! We're getting ready for our new adventure. We're waiting for our new home and will be traveling with 4 furbabies. 2 dogs, large and medium, and 2 cats. We had a little anxiety over traveling with them but you both made me feel much better. Thanks. This will be our first time.

  • We travel with our 8 (yes you read that right) pomeranians. We set up ex pens outside the camper and we put reflective fabric over our awning and basically make an outside room for the dogs. It keeps the area cool and helps to keep the camper cool as well