12 Tips To Make The Most Out of RVing With Kids

According to Michelle Erickson, what once was the silliest notion (RVing With Kids) to her became the unforgettable family fun time of her life. RVing With Kids can also be an interesting way of learning how to camp too!

Nevertheless, there are many things to take care of before RVing With Kids. 

RVing With Kids

Here are our 12 best tips to make RVing With Kids memorable: 

  1. Find and Attach bed rails to your kid’s bed.
  2. Research everything on your itinerary before starting the voyage!
  3. Look our for camping sites with hook-ups.
  4. Pack food as well as clothes, smartly.
  5. Teach the whole family to dust and clean the feet before entering the RV. A good idea is to hand up a general set of rules in the RV!
  6. The best way to save money on RVing is to Rent an RV for family vacations.
  7. Opt for One-pot meals!
  8. Keep the medical record of your kids in print on you.
  9. Choose the RV for your family.
  10. Assign parts of RV or specific jobs and responsibilities to kids.
  11. Chart out the hospitals, dumping grounds and food centres en route before beginning the journey.
  12. ‘Let your kids be free, when RVing and you will notice that there is no more bickering even though they are sitting next to each other‘, according to family rambling author and admin Jody Halsted.

Check out some expert tips from veteran RVers- The Harger Family on RVing With Kids.

We would love to hear your experiences of RVing with your Kids! Tell us in the comments below. 😀

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