Everything You Must Know When RVing With Pets

Ever wondered why RVers are adamant about having their pets on board?

Because, they know that it is the best present that they can ever give their pets. For most people the mere thought of being separated from their furball is a terrifying nightmare. Why? Because pets are family too, according to veteran RVers Ray and Anne. They say, that their pet is their furry little child. What do you think about that? 😀

Pets RVingSimply put, being able to plunge into the wild is not just a human dream, but the dream of our pets too. For starters, wilderness is their home too. According to Eddie and Amy, successful RVers, travelling with pets in an RV is just like travelling with pets in a car or a van. Eddie says, living life as an RVer with pets is almost a symbiotic relationship. We couldn’t agree more! 😀

Meet Don Smith, veteran RVer with his dog …

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It was darn terrifying for Don, when his dog underwent motion sickness when they first began RVing as a team. But, Don never gave up on helping his canine adapt to the RV and what happened next is history!

Listen to their wonderful RV tale below:

It is true that RVing with pets has its own challenges that might be impossible to overcome. However, the truth is, our pets love nothing more than the wild. In fact, wilderness is their home, even more than ours.

RVing into the wild is the best gift you can ever gift your pet with!  Do you dare to give this surprise of a lifetime to your pet?

Here’s a quick clip on everything that an RVer needs to know when travelling with pets, from the RV expert Mark Polk.

According to Polk, it is necessary for the RVer to provide a comfortable space for the pet, in order to have a bon voyage. You must also take care to never leave your pet alone in the RV for longer than four hours. Make sure someone always checks on them periodically, if you have to be away for too long. And most importantly, schedule a visit to the vet and carry all updated medical records before starting your journey. For rest, listen to the expert!

The journey might seem a tad bit difficult at first, but what is life without risks! Especially for the wild and daring RVer, right? It is not our words, but those of RV veterans like Wander Dano.

Wander Dano says that, RVing with your pet is just like living in a bathroom with your pets for 7 days. Accordin to Dano, the biggest trouble when RVing with pets is adapting to the sudden cuddling demands of your pets!

Here, take a look at the downsides of RVing with pets from the man himself, Wander Dano, in the clip below:

Here are a few tips to RVing with your large family of pets.

Listen to Levi Henley and his wife, Natalie Henley describe how travelling pets is the best fun they have had in their RV life. They have many advices for both beginner RVers and veteran RVers who want to travel with their pets. The best of their advice is that ‘if you love it, put a chip in it’. We second that vehemently! The Henleys’ also provide specific tips on the types of medication that is mandatory when RVing with a cat or a dog. In addition, they also provide, easy tips on how to schedule vaccinations, vet visits, grooming sessions and exercises.

We also loved the tips from the veteran RV Family- Jenn, Brent their two boys, two dogs and cat. Here’s the list of our favourites-

  1. Always carry potty bags and clean up after your pets
  2. Never miss vaccinations
  3. Never forget to bring your pets’ favourite treats and toys
  4. Always carry recent photographs of your pets and make sure to microchip them
  5. Always follow the rules when RVing. Remember, the rules are for your pet’s safety, rather than anything else.

Here, Listen to the Henleys’ amazing list of tips below:

Tell us your personal strategies for RVing with your furball in the space below.

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