RV’s Aren’t Romantic? Think Again!

When you think about a romantic vacation with that special someone in your life, you probably don’t think about hitching up the RV – but why not? When done correctly, you can enjoy a romantic getaway with your spouse or significant other without having to book a room at a fancy (and expensive) hotel. You already have the RV, so why not put it to use as much as possible? With some careful planning, an RV vacation can be just as romantic as any other getaway you might have in mind.

Your RV May Be Perfect for a Romantic Getaway
Your RV May Be Perfect for a Romantic Getaway

Picking the Right Spot

Perhaps more than any other RV trip that you take, it is important to get the destination just right when planning a special weekend away. Think about your loved one ahead of yourself in this case – where do they like to go? What kinds of things do they like to do? Plan the trip around their interests and tastes so you can be sure they will have a great time from start to finish. Of course, you should always make reservations when possible so the trip doesn’t turn into a frustrating game of ‘find an open RV park’.

Put a Premium on Quiet

There is something to be said for an RV park that is highly active with plenty of other campers around to chat with throughout your stay. However, this is not that kind of trip. If you would like to create a romantic atmosphere, look for a place to stay that is quiet and somewhat remote. If possible, consider traveling during the week when most campgrounds are far less busy. It may be difficult to find a quiet campground if you are traveling in the summer months, but the task is not impossible if you are willing to do your homework.

Take Some Great Food

One of the necessary elements of a romantic weekend away is some great food, so be sure to shop properly before you leave. It is possible to make a quality meal even in a small RV kitchen as long as you use your creativity and you plan ahead. Of course, no romantic dinner would be complete without dessert, so be sure not to forget supplies for the final course of the meal.

A Deep Cleaning

No one is going to find a dirty RV romantic, so set aside some time before your trip to thoroughly clean the RV both inside and out. While you won’t be staying in a hotel, you should aim to have it feel like a freshly cleaned hotel when you step into the RV. Thankfully, most RV’s are relatively small, so even a thorough cleaning shouldn’t take up very much of your time. With the RV looking great and all of the other preparations out of the way, you will be ready for a great romantic trip with that special person in your life!

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