Selling our house and moving into an RV with our three cats

Selling our house and moving into an RV with our three cats
We decided to sell our house and move into an RV with our three cats to travel around the US. If you enjoy our videos, please share them with your friends on …

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  1. Did ya'll sell your cleaning business? How will you support yourself on the road? I retired last year so I have income to do whatever my income will allow. But I know money goes fast.

  2. I applaud your bravery to let go of lots of your possessions and make the bold move to RV living. I can see how clearing clutter from your life can help you live more. Makes total sense. Nice to meet you both, and I'm a new follower of your channel.

  3. You guys are awesome. Thank you for sharing your story & for inspiring others to follow their dreams too! God bless you both on your new journey!

  4. I think I started watching your channel when you were hanging out with Teri and Scott about 6 months ago but not exactly not sure when I subscribed. I'm glad I'm finally going back to catch up on your story in your older videos of how you got started on the road. As soon as my property sells I will start moving toward preparation for being able to travel; I hope to meet up with you two one of these days and camp together. I have dogs, big dogs, but they are my babies just as your cats are your babies. Safe travels.

  5. I am finally getting a chance to go back and start watching your earlier videos. Looking forward to seeing how you downsized. I am in the process of clearing out 14 years of stuff. My son is going to Massachusetts for a job after he graduates UB in the spring and I would like to be able to down size before he goes. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Just found your channel. Hoping to learn how to take a cat Rving. I have a black cat who looks just like Alexander. When I take him to the vet he cries during the car ride. It would be great if he could somehow get used to riding in a car and be an RV cat. I'm afraid he will run off.

  7. Sharon I want y’alls secrets to downsizing, my wife and I are attempting to mineralize our life’s but keep running into a wall. Our house is very cluttered and it was my parents house so we have 2 generations of stuff here. Could you email me the book and YouTube channels you mentioned in the video, I am hard of hearing so it was hard to here the names. My email is [email protected] I am inspired by what y’all have done and we are looking to take a similar path but we won’t be selling the house at this moment, but that might change too

  8. I have been watching some of your current videos on youtube and I've enjoyed them, so now I am going back to watch your videos from the beginning. I will be on the road by July. My husband passed away in Nov. and I have a house to sell and a huge yard sale to get rid of a lot of junk. I am looking forward to meeting both of you and maybe joining you at a "buffet".

  9. Hi from a former Buffalolonian(Depew)! I just discovered your channel and are now watching some of your 1st vids! Safe travels to you guys and the cats! Blessings!


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