Should You Visit an RV Show?

Industry consumer shows are something that most people have a strong feeling about one way or another. Some people love things like auto shows and boat shows, while others want to stay as far away as possible when the show comes to town. No matter how you feel, you might want to consider visiting an RV show when one comes to your area if you are going to be in the market for a new rig in the near future. The information and special offers that you can get at a show are hard to beat, and you will likely come away feeling more confident in your shopping decision – even if you don’t buy anything at all at the show.

RV Shows Are a Great Way to Get Information
RV Shows Are a Great Way to Get Information

Cheap Tickets

One of the nice things about attending consumer shows is that they generally offer cheap – or even free – tickets. It shouldn’t cost you much at all to attend the show, and even if tickets are a few dollars, you can often find coupons in advance of the event to knock down that price a little further. These shows are great advertising opportunities for the companies that will be displaying their products, so they are the ones footing most of the bill.

Fun Event

Believe it or not, these events can actually be quite a lot of fun. There are generally things to do and see for people of all ages, and you will probably see at least one or two pieces of new RV technology that you have not before experienced. Many people will go to the show just to browse without any intention of making any purchases, so you shouldn’t encounter any high-pressure sales situations.

See Everything at Once

When you are in the process of picking out a new RV, it can be difficult to compare models side-by-side – especially if you have to visit several dealers in your area to see all of the RV’s you are interested in. At an RV show, they will all be there for you to view quickly and easily. You can go back and forth between models within minutes to compare features, and you can ask questions of people who work for the manufacturer. The information you get at an RV show is often more accurate than what you would receive from a salesperson at a dealership.

Meet People

It might be an obvious point, but the other people attending an RV show are going to be an awful lot like you. They will be either RV owners or prospective owners, and they will likely share a passion for getting outside and enjoying nature. You just might meet people at an RV show that will go on to become friends for years to come.

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