Single Woman RV Living – Fears of Full Time RVing

Single Woman RV Living – Fears of Full Time RVing
How did I overcome my fears of full time RVing living as a single woman and push through all of the questions I had regarding safety while traveling alone as a …

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  1. Very well said. So glad I came across your video…. your encouragement is much appreciated. My house is going up for sale this weekend. Next week …. RV shopping ?

  2. After staying at an Airbnb which was a small travel trailer and I loved it do much that I cried when I had to leave so I bought the exact travel trailer to drive it somewhere warm in the winter to live in. I started watching these videos and it hadn’t occurred to me to live in it on the road. This video has been really helpful.

  3. I'm doing as much research as possible before i start this life , then I'm off, lifes short and we only regret the things we don't do in our life , it would be a good idea if females set up rv clubs on fb for single females to all join up together in location to be safe , this could be huge .

  4. Had my rig for 4 years almost…4 years!!! Fear was my driver and it almost ran me over. So, slowly I am shaking it off. I am pushing through and renovating my rv slowly…just purchased a generator, so I am on it and getting the renovation started. Thank God for YouTube. I thank you for your story. You're an inspiration. I will hold my own hand. And "live a great story" as it says on your wall. Thanks. Namaste.

  5. Please head on over to my blog where I share more about my travels, links to overnight parking/camping areas, costs for each area I stay in, update on my quest completion, and more on starting your own business, saving, finances, manifesting your dreams, and living a life you truly love. Create. Do. Live!

  6. Hi Amber, I love the way you addressed your fears. Personally, I've always believed fear is a thief! It robs us of so many experiences. I refuse to let fear rob me of time and opportunities!

  7. Thank you for this, very thorough and thought of the same things as you have.. I am retirement age (retired) living on SS and a pension. I live in a senior apt now and have been for 6 yrs but I love to travel and see new sights and cultures but with my bills here, I can't afford it.. I would have to sell everything and start out living in my car which I could since the back seats fold down but would have to save the money for a cargo van, which is what I want and then the money to convert it to livable space.. I watch all these videos on RVing, van life, and everything just to prepare me..

  8. Whoa, , ,that was some serious & good advice to me to finalize my serious thoughts past few months. Additionally Keep reading out-loud Proverbs & Psalms daily base does do good for all I believe but of course not all will do it. Safe RVing ! GOD bless for your good works

  9. Thank you so much for yours words I'm 71 years old traveling is my dream I bought a small motor home but stay in home because the fear in get alone in the road you have no idea how much you help me GOD Bless your Soul

  10. Thank you Love. This video has encouraged me even more. I am renovating my rv now and preparing myself for "take off" so to speak, in one year. In the meantime, I am doing dry-runs on weekends within my surrounding areas. You are an inspiration and I adore you. Safe travels and God bless you. Namaste my friend.

  11. Hi! I'm a newbie to your channel & I just love your saying that your greatest success is on the other side of fear. Makes so much sense. I might have to steal that from you, lol. Best to you! 🙂

  12. Wow you shared some really brave stuff with us. I feel a lot of the same things. ?I never really feared the dumping part. ? I don't think I really knew too much before my first trip.? I never knew what dry camping was or that you could. I'm not really sure what I thought lol or why I even got the idea to buy an RV. Love to follow your Story ? Hope to start creating mine soon!

  13. Definitely a role model. I've been admiring this choice for myself for a while now. Still in the research phase, and the "what would I do if"…phase. 🙂 It's definitely no longer satisfying to collect stuff. It's definitely no longer satisfying contemplating being a caregiver indefinitely to material possessions which require a roof to be of any value. While this may be a longer phase than I wish, it is helpful to come across videos that put some of the thoughts into words. Thanks.

  14. Messaging for the soul! Settling up for liquidating the large things makes perfect sense. Fear is a great gift for peering into your own insight. I really never camped except doing Army drills where most things are done for you. Fast forward, a friend of mine and myself used to look at RV's during downtime at work. She always did camping with a popup trailer with her family. Nearing partial retirement, I did buy a travel trailer and had never hitched anything in my life. Since then and a moving up to a better travel trailer I am better at negotiating fears. Amber, good choice on the Hymer Aktiv!

  15. This was your best video ever!
    I just started following you about one week ago.
    I've never been inside an rv, but I can see myself selling my 6 bedroom empty house and hit the road.
    "Your greatest success is on the other side of your fears"
    How true!!!

  16. I don't really hear you answering the main questions of why I came to your video. What dangers to look out for? How often have you felt in danger? What was your worst experience where you had to protect yourself and what would did you do? Do you hear about alot of cases of robbery and rape or murder? If not what do you do to avoid them? How well equipped should you be before heading out to maintain RV or small traveling home? And what insurances and licenses do you need?

  17. Thank you for a great video. Coming up to a point in my life that i need to live on a smaller amount of money per month. Always had the idea of livinng in a rv in my head. The house is just to expensive. By living a camping lifestyle. I figure i can both save money and live much better than i am now. One of my issues is to much stuff. I want to stay away from paying to park it. The boondock like you said. Just so many things to figure out.

  18. Thank you so much! I am about to buy my RV and Im so anxious about "taking that step" even though I want this with every fiber of my being. And you are right, its the pressure of doing everything that once the RV is purchased the rest of the selling, planning, and learning begins.

    I plan on moving to a friends land for 6 months and learn how to boondock in the city and using my savings to pay off my debts so once I take off come winter I will have minimal bills.

    You have got a subscriber! Cant wait to binge watch all you videos ?


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