Snowbirding Destinations To RV This Winter

According to Howard and Linda, “it is hard to escape the cold in the winter in the continental U.S”.

To the veteran RVer couple, Howard & Linda RV snowbirding is all about finding the perfect place with sunshine! Some places have many activities for the snowbird RVers while some are the epitome of disasters during winter! Check out more advice from the duo, here 😀


Here are the best of Paynes’ pros and cons for RVer Dream Snowbirding Destinations:

  1. Rio Grande Valley, Texas:
    • Pros: Desert Stargazing Party, Mountains, Warm Winter, Winter ornithology, Up to 25 Engineer Campground Corps and budget equivalent camping options.
    • Cons: Diverse temperatures, not aesthetic (lacks sunny nature naturally found in a valley), highest count of trash on road and lack of public space for boondocking.
    • Snowbird Destinations
  2. Southern Georgia
    • Pros: Comparatively cheaper, best parks and many paddling opportunities.
    • Cons: easier commute to the farther end of the South, damper than other places, lack of solar power and public space for boondocking.
    • Snowbird Destinations-2
  3. Desert Southwest:
    • Pros: Lots ‘n’ Lots of Sunshine!, No bugs, Free Camping sites, Hiker destinations and Dry
    • Cons: Cold nights, high costs for boondocking, High Wind and too crowded at the CA coast.
    • Monument_valley,_Arizona
  4. Florida
    • Pros: Sunshine, Warm roads, freshwater ( Clearest spring) rivers, wildlife, uncrowded Coasts, inexpensive and lower in humidity good in certain places.
    • Cons: crowded coasts, limited camping, most expensive camping fees in  Florida Keys and least amount of public space for camping.
    • 7811430606_d2e68e5d31_b
  5. Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi Coasts 
    • Pros: Incredible State Parks, lesser in expense and Delicious Seafood.
    • Cons: Too cold at times, lack of hiking destinations and incompatible with solar power.
    • A_maze_of_waterways_on_the_Mississippi_Coast_near_Bay_St._Louis_(5594524372)

What are your Snowbirding Destinations to RV this winter? Tell us in the comments below.

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