Solar Hacks & RV Maintenance Costs

Solar Hacks & RV Maintenance Costs
Getting the most out of solar uses, and talking about costs I’ve incurred for maintenance in the RV.

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  1. You said twerked… giggle.
    I'm watching your videos in chronological order … interesting changes in your video editing and focus. I still like it!! Can't wait to catch up to April 2018!!

  2. Budgeting is so important and having that buffer for repair bills will really help. But, of course, what goes wrong one year won't be what goes wrong the next. Hopefully.

  3. Eric, thanks for all of the solar tips!!! These look like great solar lights!!! JAX sighting!!!! I love this video because you have a Jax sighting!!!!! Jax is ssssoooo adorable!!! 🙂

  4. Lol. "It's almost over." This is one of my favorite videos. This is where you say your big adventure is almost over, and look at you now! Full of confidence and loving the rv life. I used the solar light thing for years. Worked great, although mine didn't shut off, so I had to put them in a drawer. I'm starting again with solar lanterns. You haven't done a power usage video since getting your 250W panel, so I'm wondering if it was enough.

  5. in regards to your LED flood lights, If I remember correctly you have a solar kit. Are you not using it  because it would provide you with free power to run the lights at night and keep them topped up during the day, not needing the portable LED lights..

  6. I understand you say that you went to others did you try T'mobile or better Metro pcs. Where they have unlimited 4G data the really does work? There rates are suprizingly low. And has towers all over the country . You should look into this really.

  7. Eric, or anyone else out there with input: Crazy question….. In one of your first Solar videos, you had parked under a streetlight and it registered on the solar panel. Would those LED flood lights you have, be able to do the same thing? If they charged all day and were then pointed at the panels during the night, would they provide any charge to the batteries? Im assuming no, but didn't know if anyone had tried….
    PS Great videos! Thanks a lot!

  8. i use the 16 and 60 solar led lites from harbor freight,great solar lites, i also have the rope lites to lite up a dark area in my front yard…;)plus i have the briefcase solar panel and the 45 watt solar panels for all outside lites,free solar and free nitelites and security.

  9. Some thoughts about the overheating: checked your coolant? Could be low from leakage or from boiling out during overheating. Radiator obstructions, like your wreath (as festive as it is) or other debris will dramatically reduce the efficiency of the cooling system. Maybe leave the wreath off during long hot drives. Could also be a clogged radiator. Worth a look as overheat is the most dangerous thing to your engine. radiators and water pumps are cheap compared to head gaskets. I would at least have the cooling system pressure tested and flushed by a competent shop if the overheating continues. Best of luck!

  10. You should also probably put away some money each month for the eventual replacement cost when you have to buy a new rv. Something will probably happen eventually that will just not make economic sense to fix on this current one.

  11. you could rent a cheap house, where you have to fix a little for ex., you could pay less or the same what your rv is costing. repairs, insurence, gas etc etc. but i like to watch your videos, so stay on the road

  12. Thanks for the tip about parking in the lot & boarding the cat. I have solar floods which I out on my rooftop garden in the summer, and rig them up in the skylight of my sitting room for the winter. They provide a nice soft light for a couple of hours when the sun goes down.

  13. I bought a couple of those spotlights at walmart, or home depot, cant remember. They were ok for awhile,.. not very bright. I upgraded the battery, which is a 14500 3.7 volt, not a AA 1.5 volt, to a higher MaH, but the panel couldn't keep up with the original one, let alone the new one.

  14. Great idea with the solar lights. Last summer I brought a umbrella pole light. It takes 4 small batteries but because of the led bulbs it is very bright. I was thinking of putting Velcro on the light & sticking on the ceiling. As u said don't have to waste electric. U can also buy a solar charger for AA or AAA rechargeable batteries.

  15. Hey Eric just wanted to let you know what an influence you were on me the past year I got rid of everything I owned that was just a commodity and bought an old class b and have been traveling Canada for the past 2 months thank you and keep up the great videos and keep jax safe in the slabs

  16. I have a few of those solar "Sidewalk Lights" that we call them.  One I took apart and it has AAA batteries inside.  The other has AA batteries.  I don't use them for light.  I use them to charge batteries.


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