Solving the RV Odor Puzzle

RV’s are great at a lot of things, but preventing odors is not one of them. Since living in an RV means conducting most of your daily life in a confined space, odors that might not be noticeable in your traditional home can become overpowering inside the RV. If you plan to life in the RV for any significant length of time, it is important that you have a plan for dealing with the many odors that you can encounter.

Air Fresheners Can Help Your RV Smell Great!
Air Fresheners Can Help Your RV Smell Great!

There are a number of possible causes of unpleasant odors inside your RV. Some of the most common are the following –

  • Waste from your black and grey water tanks
  • Pet odor
  • Mildew
  • Food that has gone bad
  • Smoke
  • Body odor


Some of the best solutions to an odor problem within your RV are good old fashioned common sense. For example, if you keep your pantry free of any foods have have gone bad, you won’t have to worry about that becoming a source of unpleasant odor. Likewise, if you make sure that yourself and everyone in the RV showers regularly throughout the trip, body odor will not become a problem.

However, even when you take simple actions like those above, you could still find that unpleasant odors develop simply due to the limited space available in the RV. When that happens, you should take action quickly. Below are three methods for dealing with unwanted odor in your trailer or motorhome.

  1. Get Air Moving. This is perhaps the best way to deal with an odor problem. By opening up your RV roof vents, and even the doors and windows, as often as possible, you can promote circulation and move the odors out of the RV. Most odor problems develop due to stagnant air, so take every opportunity to get fresh air into your rig.
  2. Use a Quality Air Freshener. Periodic use of a quality air freshening product is a great way to kill off some of the unwanted odors within the living space. Keep a can or two handy in the RV so you can put it to use when needed.
  3. Treat Your Tanks. Another helpful product in the battle against odor is tank treatment. There are a number of different brands and styles of tank treatments available on the market, so shop around until you find one well-suited to your needs. The tanks contained in your RV hold the potential to create a serious odor problem in your rig, so stay ahead of the game by treating the tanks properly on a regular basis.

You don’t have to live with unwanted odors in your RV. Remember to ventilate the rig as frequently as possible, and use products like tank treatment and air fresheners to eliminate the remaining odors. In doing a good job of preventing your odor problems from getting out of control, you will also be protecting the long term value of the RV. Despite being a confined space, you should be able to keep your RV smelling great on even the longest of trips.

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