Some Tips For New RVers

RVing is such a great experience and is really exciting. But for first timers, it can be very scary since you are basically still figuring things out on your own. Now, RVtravel has prepared a video especially for first timers out there in order for you to survive the life on the road:


RVing Newbie Tips

In addition to that, here are 5 Road-Tested Tips for the RV novice out there:

ROAD-TESTED TIP #1: “Use an RV-specific route planner on a GPS. It’ll factor in overhead clearance and other restrictions, such as which roads, bridges, and tunnels won’t allow propane tanks through.”

ROAD-TESTED TIP #2: “We try to bring or rent bicycles to visit nearby areas while camping. It beats packing up the RV to move it to a trailhead for hiking, only to find out there is no room to park a larger vehicle! Many times, you can access a ‘bikes only’ trail or (at the Grand Canyon, for example) trails for shuttle buses and bikes only.”

ROAD-TESTED TIP #3: “If you’re exhausted and not near a campground, Walmart stores sometimes allow campers to use their parking lots. Just check to make sure there’s not a no overnight parking sign, and choose a spot near one of the lot’s outer edges.”

ROAD-TESTED TIP #4: “If you’re staying parked in one spot for a while, run the RV engine for a few minutes each day to recharge the battery.”

ROAD-TESTED TIP #5: “Be sure to get a tutorial on how to empty the holding tanks. One time, we forgot to add chemicals to the black-water tank after emptying it—the smell was terrible, and we quickly learned our lesson.”

Hopefully these tips for RVing Newbies have helped you.

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