Spending a Honeymoon Year in an RV

For most people, getting married means going on a honeymoon. Typically, the honeymoon starts as soon as the wedding is over, and lasts for a week or two at the most. While there is nothing at all wrong with that plan, you don’t have to feel compelled to take a ‘traditional’ honeymoon if you have something a little more adventurous in mind. Speaking of adventurous, here’s one idea that certainly qualifies – spending the entire first year of your marriage out on the road in your RV with your new spouse.

Obviously, this idea comes with plenty of problems that would need to be solved. However, getting to spend all of your time together could be a great way to get your married life off to a great start. You could learn a lot about the other person in that time, and you could have experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life.

A Year-Long RV Honeymoon is a Crazy Idea that Just Might Work
A Year-Long RV Honeymoon is a Crazy Idea that Just Might Work

If you are at all interested in this idea, consider the points below.

You Need to Be Ready

Any way you look at it, traveling for a year together in an RV is an intense way to start your marriage. The last thing you want to do is put your new marriage under stress before it even gets started, so be sure you are ready to handle this kind of trip from a relationship standpoint. It might be an easier choice for couples who have been living together prior to getting married. If you have not yet even lived under the same roof, it could be smarter to spend some time simply living at home before endeavoring on this kind of adventure.

Factor in Your Finances

Paying for a trip like this will be one of the biggest hurdles that you need to clear. There are really two options – save up in advance so you can live without working for a year, or work while you are on the road. In the technology age, working on the road is easier than ever before because you could potentially find online tasks that can be completed from your computer. No matter what your approach is to financing your trip, be sure to have your plan in place well in advance.

Pick Out Some Destinations

You don’t want to let the entire year go by without hitting all of the spots you are interested in around the country, so plan out a general route before you leave. Of course, you don’t have to plan your route for every single day of the year, but you should at least have a framework in place for the journey. Pick out five or six specific destinations that you want to visit, along with the time of year that would be best for each location. Once you have that list created, put together an outline that can serve as the basis for your entire year-long honeymoon.

Traveling for the first year of your marriage in an RV is clearly not a plan that will work for everyone. Most people aren’t going to be able to get away from work for that long, and it can be difficult to live together in such close quarters for so long. However, for just the right couple, this extreme style of honeymoon could be the trip of a lifetime.

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