Summer Cleaning For Your RV

Summer RVing is focused on being outdoors more than in other seasons. With a clean RV, the harsh heat of the summer can be very enjoyable! So, make sure to follow the below tips to clean your RV in the Summer before hitting the road.

Clean RVThe Crew at Transwest talks about Tips to Keep your RV Clean in the Summer

  • Eat outside. Unless the weather is awful, take your meals outdoors and enjoy some fresh air while keeping crumbs out of your RV.
  • Vacuum. A small handheld vacuum is the ideal cleaning accessory for your RV. It enables you to keep your RV clean on the go, and clean up messes as they happen.
  • Treat your RV like home. Just because you’re on vacation in your RV doesn’t mean you’re on vacation from your day-to-day habits.
  • Make a schedule. No one likes to hear the word ‘chores’, but if you’re taking a long trip, make a cleaning schedule you can stick to, so you aren’t left doing a lot of cleaning when messes pile up.

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Curtis Caper talks about ways to Summer Cleaning your RV

  • If you used low-pressure air to empty the system last fall, all you need to do is close the drain petcock and fill it up.  Turn on the pump and pressurize the system.  It will fill the water heater, and once pressure has built up it will shut off.
  • If you pumped RV antifreeze through the potable (drinkable) water tank, pump, and lines, then you will have to flush the system with water.  Possibly a couple times to clean up the taste.  You may find that sanitizing the water system is the best way to take care of any bad taste or odor.  You also may have bypassed the water heater, so don’t forget to redirect water flow into it.

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Apart from using extra awnings and blinds on your rig, RVing in the Summer also requires specific maintenance practices. Depending on whether your RV was stored and kept out of use in the Winter, summer cleaning practices differ.

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