Ten Perfect Decorations For Your RV

According to Amanda Watson, every RV speaks about its RVer. She asks why live with the “tan walls and brown couch” when you can make your home a bit of personality and style! :mrgreen:

Perfect Decorations

Check out our Ten Perfect Decorations to dazzle your RV below:

  1. Christen Your RV in a custom font with custom colour and favourite artwork!
  2. Paint your RV in your favourite colour, shades or artwork.
  3. Put up maps as wallpapers,  with background art of a specific era or theme.
  4. A good theme that speaks about your voyage or life is a great way to continue improvising while you visit different places.
  5. DIY: Use No-Sew Curtains and Make Rubber-Fabric Door mats for different seasons
  6. Adorn interior walls with Photos from your life and RVing
  7. Make a memory wall for Photos
  8. Purchase and place flameless candles
  9. Find, purchase and USE the multi-purpose feature of the furniture and appliances in your motor home to be smart!
  10. Make your Home on Wheels Spacious!

Here check out a an innovative and lovely video from The Colombo’s on Perfect Decorations on Christmas for your RV! 

Have a Merry Christmas and tell us about your own Christmas decorations for the RV in the comments below! 😀


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