The Advantages Of A 3 Burner Camp Stove

Because of the lousy economy and the high price of gasoline, many families are opting to take vacations within their own States and camping is a very economical option. Camping isn’t like it used to be, sophisticated tents can be erected within a few minutes – there’s no spending hours grappling with tent poles in the wind and the rain, or having to find wood for fires and toasting sausages over it for dinner. A 3 burner camp stove is especially useful if you have a couple of kids, and if you just tell dad it’s a camping barbecue, he should be good for cooking at least a couple of meals.

In fact they really are pretty much like a propane or calor gas barbecue. With a three burner top, there’s no end to the types of meals you can cook. Indeed, some of the more sophisticated 3 burner camp stoves have a sturdy griddle pan, so you can make pancakes for breakfast, fry eggs or make French toast – even better if you can buy healthy free-range eggs locally.

The smell of bacon and eggs wafting through the campsite is sure to get the kids out of bed and ready for a day of adventure!

Of course, because of having to tote a big old tank of propane gas, you really can’t go too far with these, but if you prefer to get away from the crowd and stay on smaller, more primitive campsites, they are perfect for cooking just about anything.

If you are camping and taking your fishing rods along, nothing tastes better than fish pulled and cooked straight from the water – and if it really is a big one, with a 3 burner stove you will be able to cook him up immediately and without a hassle. Getting someone to clean the fish will be more difficult!

Most of these 3 burner stoves are lightweight, compact and fold up for portability. Look for one that is well built, rather than a cheap flimsy one, or it won’t last you long as it may rust and get dented.

My favorite 3 burner camp stove features a lot of handy extras – including places to hang your cooking tools and a handy paper towel dispenser for quickly mopping up messes. It also features three 30,000 BTU burners – that’s more than your kitchen stove can put out. That way meals can be cooked quickly, steaks seared to perfection and bacon cooked in an instant – leaving you more time to enjoy your camping experience, rather than hanging around your open air kitchen.

Be sure to purchase a 3 burner camp stove with adequate wind-proofing on three sides and position your stove before you start cooking!

It looks like this recession is going to drag on for a long time, so if you can, invest in the best you possibly can when you start to purchase your camping equipment. A really good 3 burner camp stove may cost you around $300 dollars or more, but you should be able to save that money in a week if you have a couple of hungry kids and two adults – you won’t be scouring the district for restaurants or eating nasty fast food when your bottom-of-the-line camp stove fails!

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