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Rusty78609…My new friend. Comes by in the mornings. A LINK TO AMAZON PRODUCTS: and…

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  1. Cute little dog. Thanks for sharing this video. It is windy here today in Colorado Springs Co this morning. The temp is 54 degrees and getting nicer by the day. I truly enjoy spring time by the Rockies. Sun is shinning so it will only get better. Stay safe and healthy my friend. Happy trails and adventures

  2. Rusty: You can look on the Next Door app for Capitan, NM to see if anyone is missing and searching for this dog or maybe follow her one day to see which house she goes to.

  3. Dog tag may have the owners name or at least the dogs name and a phone number. My pups tag has her name and my cell number in case she ever comes up missing. Please put some water out for her especially during these hot days coming, don't have to leave food but at least water. You had me LOL when you said she must have peeed 15 times already and then when she peed again you jumped to 20 times…..LOL. It's like after watching you for so long and seeing your various facial expression when you make funny comments I can see your expression now when your face is not even showing based on your comments to different situations. Funny man you are.


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