The Pros and Cons of Owning a Camper

Campers or motorhomes are a sight seen more and more on the roads of the UK these days. So just why does it seem that every body has one and is it for you? Read on to find out the advantages and disadvantages of a camper.

On the plus side has to be the outdoor lifestyle, cheap holidays and the opportunity to spend quality time with the ones you love. Most people are drawn to the a motorhome by the lure of the outdoor and simplistic way of life. Many have enough of their city life and office jobs and like a slice of country living for the weekend, to relax. Spending time in your camper is usually accompanied by walking, trekking, fishing, swimming, kayaking, surfing etc. At the very least a football or Frisbee is thrown in the garage space. Although the initial outlay for a camper can be considerable, once you own one you can have an inexpensive getaway. If you find a nice wild camping spot, your only expense can be fuel. You can even power your getaway from your leisure battery. It’s also true that many leisure vehicles are purchased so that families can spend time together. Ideal for parents holidaying with kids, it also works for couples looking to spend time alone in an intimate setting.

Looking for negatives of owning a campervan, well there are a few. The cost is usually the most prohibitive reason for not owning one. If you want a newer model you will pay for the luxury. Additionally your running costs of fuel, tax, insurance and maintenance can be enough to put some people off the idea. The ever increasing cost of fuel is a major concern to all motorhome enthusiasts. Maintenance can be expensive with horror stories of people replacing broken windows, lights, accessories etc. The very fact of driving a vehicle the size of a large coach built can also deter some from buying. In some countries a regular car drivers license is not sufficient to drive a larger camper.

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