The Ultimate West Coast RV Road Trip

Most people tend to believe that whatever part of the country they are from also happens to be the ‘best’ part of the country. While the title of ‘best’ is up for debate, there is little argument that the West Coast of the United States is a great place to take a long RV vacation. There are simply a ton of sights to see up and down the coast, from Washington to California and inland to Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, and more. If you love both natural beauty and the open road, your goal should be simple – go west.

Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park
Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park

If you have several weeks available for a long road trip, or even a couple of months, you could have the time of your life exploring the west. Since RV’ing is popular in this part of the country, there are plenty of RV parks to pick from, and most of them are located near major attractions. Of course, if you plan on making a trip like this during the summer, remember that you aren’t the only RV owner who wishes to explore the West Coast – so plan ahead and make reservations.

The National Parks

As you start to plan your West Coast RV trip, look first at the National Parks that you want to visit. There are likely too many to hit in one trip, so sort through the options and select a few that you are most interested in seeing for yourself. In the northwest there is Mount Rainier National Park and Olympic National Park in Washington, and Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. Going south to California, some of the popular options are Yosemite, the Channel Islands, Death Valley, and Joshua Tree. Inland in Utah you will find Zion and Bryce Canyon, and of course Yellowstone is located in Wyoming.

Scenic Roads

One of the best things about traveling by RV is that your vehicle is also your lodging, so you can take your time and enjoy many of the scenic roads that this country has to offer. Near the top of that list is the Pacific Coast Highway. This road is most-famous for the stretch between Southern California and the Bay Area, but you really can’t go wrong anywhere along the California or Oregon coastlines. Remember to plan ahead and make sure that your RV will be able to safely navigate all roads that you are going to travel, as some of the coast highway gets rather windy.

Big Cities

You don’t have to leave big cities out of the mix just because you are traveling by RV. In fact, visiting a few major cities along with the natural wonders is a great way to have a diverse and memorable vacation. Los Angeles is obviously the biggest city on the coast, but Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Las Vegas all have their own appeal as well. When visiting a city, it might be easiest to find an RV park slightly outside of town to avoid having to navigate your rig through too many busy city streets.


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