Three Common Mistakes Made by RV Newbies

Getting started in the world of RV ownership is exciting – and intimidating. If you have recently purchased your first RV, you are probably as concerned with not making a mistake as you are having a good time. Considering the significant financial

investment required to own an RV, it is understandable if you are feeling a bit nervous at the moment. It will take a couple of successful trips before you can put aside your unsure feelings and move on to simply having fun with your RV.


New RV Owners are Prone to Common Mistakes
New RV Owners are Prone to Common Mistakes

To improve your chances of enjoying your inaugural RV trips, review the following list of common newbie mistakes. Avoid these three problems and you will be a big step closer to having great vacations.

#1 – Planning an Extra-Long Drive

While you are still learning how to travel with your RV, consider keeping your trips relatively close to home. As you gain experience, you can gradually expand your travelling radius until you are taking trips that cross several states – or even the entire country. For now, limit your daily drive time to three or four hours if possible. You might feel comfortable driving for much longer than that in your car, but operating an RV is a different type of driving. It is more work to drive a large rig, and you will get tired quicker than you would driving a sedan. Instead of being stuck out on the freeway logging mile after mile, find a nice destination close to home and enjoy more time relaxing at the campsite.

#2 – Not Making Reservations

It might sound like fun to just head out on an RV adventure without a specific destination in mind – but that kind of travel can go downhill rather quickly in some cases. RV travel, and camping in general, is incredibly popular. If you are traveling during the warm summer months, you will want to be sure you have reservations in hand before pulling out of the driveway. Planning ahead only requires a little bit of extra effort, and it can save you a huge headache down the line. Getting to your intended destination, only to find out there aren’t spots available, could ruin your whole trip. Secure a spot for your RV in advance and you will have one less thing to worry about on your vacation.

#3 – Rushing the Set Up

When you arrive at your campsite, you probably will feel like getting started with the fun part of your vacation right away. Many new RV owners make the mistake of pulling into the campsite, partially setting up the RV, and heading out to do whatever it is they came to do. It is tempting to follow this path, but avoid it if you can. By taking the time right when you arrive to do all of your RV-related chores – like leveling the rig and setting up your sewer lines – you can then move on to enjoying your trip around the clock until you have to head home. Invest the time upfront to get everything set properly in and around the RV to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.


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