Three Different Kinds of RV Games

Games and RV travel go hand in hand. While most RV trips include plenty of outside time, there is also time spent relaxing inside the cabin. To have fun with friends and family, many people enjoy packing up games to take along on the trip. Games can be a great way to keep kids entertained, to pass time in the evening, or even to wait out a rainstorm. When you are packing up to get ready for your next trip, be sure to remember to include at least a couple of games to add to everyone’s level of enjoyment.

Playing Games Can Add to the Fun of Your Vacation
Playing Games Can Add to the Fun of Your Vacation

In general, there are three kinds of games that you can consider taking with you on an RV trip. The exact games that you pick will depend on your personal preferences, your destination, and your traveling party.

Old-Fashioned Indoor Games

These are the games that you probably think of first when packing up for a vacation. Things like playing cards, dice, and board games would all fit in to the ‘old-fashioned’ category. Although traditional, these games have stood the test of time and are loved to this day by people young and old. Sitting around the table in your RV playing a couple of board games or a card game is a great way to spend quality time as a family. If you have young children, games like these can also help them with cognitive development, so you can have fun and be productive at the same time.

High-Tech Indoor Games

Not all of the games that you play inside the RV have to be old-fashioned. Modern video games can certainly become part of the equation, whether played on a television through a system like Xbox or PlayStation, or on a mobile device. Some parents are afraid to pack these kinds of games on an RV trip, instead preferring to keep their kids outside and active. In reality, there is more than enough time for both kinds of fun on a vacation. As long as limits are set on when the video games can be used, kids can get outside and explore the outdoors while also playing video game that they enjoy. For example, you could set aside an hour after dark (maybe from 8 – 9) when the kids can play their video games inside the RV. This is a time of day when they likely wouldn’t be outside playing anyway, so the video games will offer them a fun and relaxing alternative.

Outdoor Games

Depending on your destination, outdoor games should absolutely be a part of your RV packing list. The potential options for outdoor games is nearly endless, from things like basketball and riding bikes to playing catch and ring toss. If you don’t already own any outdoor games, you can usually find them for a relatively low cost at a sporting goods store. Outdoor games are almost always a hit because they allow you to spend time together outdoors as a family while sharing in a common activity. Of course, always pack your outdoor entertainment based on where you are going to be staying. For example, a kite wouldn’t be a great idea deep in the woods, but it would be perfect out at the beach.

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