Three Overlooked Items to Pack for Every RV Trip

Even if you have only take one or two trips in an RV previously, you probably already know most of the basics that should be packed with you on a trip. Food, clothing, basic camping supplies, and more should all find their way into the RV before you head out onto the road. It doesn’t take long as an RV owner to get the hang of how to pack your rig successfully before setting out on a trip.


Traveling with a Little Cash is a Smart Move
Traveling with a Little Cash is a Smart Move

However, there are some other items that you should consider taking with you which are often overlooked. These items are necessarily ‘must-haves’ for an RV vacation, but they certainly can come in handy.

#1 – Cash

In today’s high tech world, many people travel without cash. Debit and credit cards are accepted most places, so it seems somewhat silly to bother with cash when you can just use a card. However, when you are going camping in your RV, you might want to think twice about relying on cards only. Depending on your travel destination, you might find yourself in a place where cards aren’t as universally accepted. Also, some campgrounds may not be set up to take cards, requiring you to leave a cash payment for your spot (this is often true of government-run campgrounds). You don’t need to pack a large amount of cash for your trip, but having even $100 in your wallet could come in handy when you really need it.

#2 – Extra Socks

Certainly you are already packing some socks for your trip, but taking more than you will think you need is always a good idea. Having a fresh pair of socks available when your feet are tired or sore is a great feeling, and socks take up almost no room in your suitcase. Why are socks so important while camping in an RV? Because of the activities you are likely to take part in during your vacation. Many RV trips involve hiking, playing near the water, or otherwise being active in some way. All of these things can lead to sweaty, smelly socks. Therefore, it is common to go through more than one pair of socks during the day – and you could use as many as three or four pair depending on what you are doing and where you are. Instead of having to limit your activities because you don’t have enough clean socks, take extra and have as much fun as you would like.

#3 – Outdoor Lights

It is amazing how many RV travelers forget that they will want to spend time outside of their RV after night has fallen. Your RV obviously has lights on the inside, but it probably doesn’t have enough exterior light for you to enjoy a starry evening out in the fresh air. Take a lantern or other outdoor light source so you can sit around the table well into the evening if you so choose. An RV makes for a great place to retire to when the night is done, but you still want to be able to enjoy the great outdoors for as much of your trip as possible.


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