Three RV Trips Everyone Should Try at Least Once

As an RV owner, you probably already know what kind of trips you like to take. The list of potential destinations for an RV is nearly limitless, but most people settle into a habit of going to the same place over and over – or at least, the same kind of places. However, if you want to truly enjoy everything that RV ownership makes possible, it is smart to consider a variety of destination types when planning a trip.

The Beach is a Wonderful Place to RV Camp
The Beach is a Wonderful Place to RV Camp

With that in mind, following is a list of three types of RV destinations that all owners should ate least consider when thinking about future RV vacations.

The Beach

Depending on where you live, the beach may be a couple hours away – or it may be a couple of days away. Either way, the beach is a great place to take your RV for a vacation. Where you may have to pay hundreds of dollars per night for a hotel room near the waterfront, you should be able to find a similar view in your RV for a fraction of the cost. RV camping at the beach gives you the opportunity to be close to nature while still having a comfortable place to sleep at night. Many beaches are too windy for tent camping to be a comfortable experience, so an RV stay is a perfect alternative.

The Mountains

This is another opportunity to get close to nature. Taking your RV up into the mountains for a few days and nights away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life could be just what you need to recharge your batteries. Again, as with the point above, some people will have to drive farther to find the mountains than others. Those who live in the western half of the United States are never very far from a mountain range, but those in the Midwest may have to accept a significant drive if they want to try out this kind of camping experience.

The City

That’s right – the city. Most people think about RV travel as a way of getting closer to nature, but you can just as easily use your RV to travel to urban destinations. Using the RV you already own is a cost-effective alternative to paying for a hotel room, and most cities have plenty of RV parks located around the edges of town. If you want to see a specific destination, such as a theme park or maybe a sports stadium, using your RV as home base for the trip is a great idea.

Most likely, you will find that you like one of the three options above better than the rest. That’s okay – by trying each of them out for yourself, you will know which appeals to you, and which you will leave for other people to enjoy. RV travel is great in large part due to its flexibility, so take advantage of that trait by exploring a wide range of destination options.


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