Three ‘Splurge’ Items to Consider While on an RV Trip

One of the best things about owning an RV is being able to travel on a budget. Once you get past the upfront expense of purchasing the RV, you should be able to take many affordable trips to great destinations all throughout the region where you live. Most RV parks and campgrounds offer affordable nightly rates, and you can even find places to park for free if you are willing to look around long enough. If you want to be able to get away on plenty of vacations – but don’t want to break the bank – there is a lot to like about vacationing in an RV.

Taking a Guided Tour is a Great Way to See an Interesting Area
Taking a Guided Tour is a Great Way to See an Interesting Area

However, even if you are trying to vacation on a budget, it is okay to spend a little money from time to time in order to have a great experience on your trip. Each of the three items below might be a little bit outside your typical RV-trip budget, but none of them are wildly expensive either.

#1 – A Meal at a Nice Restaurant

RV kitchens are great, but even a talented cook is a little bit limited by the equipment available on the RV. Therefore, if you have been on a trip for a week or two, you might feel like you have been eating similar meals over and over again. If that is the case, consider taking yourself and the family out to a nice meal at a local restaurant in order to break up the monotony. Not only will you enjoy the food, but you can also use this as an opportunity to meet some local people and experience just a little bit of the culture wherever you happen to be staying.

#2 – A Guided Tour

This is another idea that depends entirely on the destination of your trip. If you are staying near to a major city or a well-known natural area, you might find that there are guided tours available for a fee. Many travelers will pass on those tours in order to save money, but taking part could give you an insight into the area that you would not have otherwise enjoyed. If you are considering taking a guided tour of a specific location, take some time prior to your trip in order to read reviews on the tours that are available so you can book one with confidence.

#3 – Souvenirs for the Family

Sometimes, buying souvenirs is a quick way to waste some money that you could have spent on something more useful. However, if you are visiting a particularly memorable location such as a National Park, you might want to go ahead and buy something for each member of the family to take home. Your best bet is to look for items that you would use anyway – such as t-shirts and sweatshirts – so you don’t end up buying something that just sits on a shelf collecting dust. It is easy to blow your budget buy purchasing souvenirs at every single stop along the way, so be careful to pick out just one or two important places where you would like to take home something to help you remember the trip.

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