Tin Foil Steak Packet On Campfire | Campfire Dinner

A super simple campfire recipe anyone can make. Gather up some of your favorite ingredients and place them in some tin foil. Cook over hot coals and within 30 minutes you have a hot meal ready to go! Make these around your next campfire. Great meal for camping, hunting or even bushcrafting. Hope you enjoy this video and if you do please subscribe! Thanks for watching!

The Grill I Use: https://amzn.to/2B9JZ5r
My Smokey Joe: https://amzn.to/2BsH4oD
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Sear Grate: https://amzn.to/2C11ZMQ
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Poultry Roaster: https://amzn.to/2A8oWMI

Gourmet BBQ System Cooking Grate-22”: https://amzn.to/2iLmEfe
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  1. Yes they are! Going to make sticky bun's next and a French bread pizza packet will keep you'll updated with my progress. And don't forget to check out the Everglades season I'm telling you'll it's the bomb???

  2. Some more progress had a hamburger,onion,taters and carrots and corn on the cob with Everglades and pepper for dinner tonight. Cooked packet for 30 mins 15 mins on each side. Going try to make sticky bun's packet soon will tell you'll how it works out!

  3. Some more progress had a chicken and stuffing packet last night it was great. Take a chicken breast seasoned with Everglades and pepper..Took 1/2 cup of chicken flavored stuffing put 1/4 cup of cold water instead of hot water in it.Put it in the foil and cooked it 15 mins on each side and it was done. Going to make a waffle House style hash brown packet this weekend when I go camping will tell you how it works out!?

  4. Some more progress I have been try different size foil and cooking sprays.l have found out that 18" wide foul is the best because you can get away with one piece of foil instead of two and that butter flavor cooking spary is the best to grill with and don't forget the Everglades season!!

  5. Some more progress I had a chicken wings . taters, carrots, corn on the cob & onions packet with Everglades & pepper cooked wings whole. Packet took 60 mins 30 mins on each side it was delish yum yum!

  6. You can also get Everglades at Walmart y'all we like it thinking about breakfast packs next thank you for the inspiration I will give you updates on my progress☺️☺️

  7. Here is some more progress I had a pork chop, onion, taters and corn on the cob with Everglades & pepper cut pork chop like you do the steak then cook for 30 min 15 on one side then flipped it was delicious you all have to try the Everglades season it's the best

  8. Just tried foil pack today it was ribeye steak, taters & mushrooms with Everglades season & pepper cooked for 30 mins 15 mins on each side and it was perfectly done thank you I will try other packets

  9. great for those that like meat juices.I would do 2 separate packets.meat by itself.vegets by themselves and carrots and onions, maybe even celery.great video.Nice.


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